i will NEVER

abandon anyone i love. ever. i will fight, till justice is served. and i will tell the TRUTH. at cost to myself.

i love that dude. i did from the first time i met him in drew hall.

1991. a super special year in hip hop.

you know what i said? in that all SUPER BLACK environment? in all my innocence. with no idea who he was, who his family was, where he came from…sitting on a milk crate. with a journal. writing poems?

“are you mixed like me?”

and he smiled, with all his crooked ass teeth. lmao! really, really big. and i was like, that’s him.

and what ya’ll did? i will TRY MY BEST to forgive you for. you jealous, hateful,


destroyed, by you evil VAMPIRE women, who sucked, and sucked, and sucked

supporting the wrong person. for your fame. and your success. and your money.

the truth is

you care?

not at all.

and because of that?

you will find your own unmarried men. or you will die


you use, and abuse whoever you can, for yourselves. your lives are NOT about freedom and justice. unless

your names, are attached to the duckets.

your names will ALWAYS be messages to yourselves.

the most beautiful soul that ever


he loves everybody,


that’s who he


(and don’t you ever threaten me with newports — which i don’t smoke. and a gun — which i don’t own. i walk. the talk. i talk. i care not about your four leaf clover music. i am the four leaf clover. you, are the multiple baby daddy mama. hoppin from man to man, not cuz they left? but because that’s what you do. hurt MEN! a healer? ha! find peace, in yourself. be righteous. for once.)

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