i will say this? one last time.

fringe of society is not what people think it is.

fringe of society comes from something my EX abusive: lying, cheating, stealing, father said to me. he is not the same man. my white mom put her foot up that ass.

“you live your life, on the fringes of society”

it was the most painful thing. considering the abuse. and the lies.

when i showed up at his bougie art show in soho with timbs, baggy jeans, and a head full of semi twisted wild locks.

he was ashamed of me. he did not understand how i could not care what those white people would think of the way i was dressed. and being his only child? i was an embarrassment. because, i do not like mainstream anything — too much. i do not conform to the rules of what a woman should be. and i will fight back against abuse and misogyny and patriarchy.

i have been, since i was an abused little kid.

and now, i have an actual reason and a super drive — to have a small business. because of something that has nothing to do with me. it has to do with abusive men, poets — that abusive women keep praising. when they deserve no praise at all (not to be confused with other individuals. like, that man’s abused wife. and his children. they are not him. good men and women.)

all lives matter to me: black lives matter. white lives matter. asian lives matter. latino lives matter. chicano lives matter. indigenous lives matter. queer lives matter. trans lives matter. disabled lives matter. all lives matter — to me.

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