i won’t be checking twitter at school (i’ve already gotten the hack from a middle school kid. cuz twitter’s blocked by the BPS lol!) too much work to do. but i will be checking this evening what a dominican american woman has to say about:

eugenics, forced sterilization and “birth control”.

she’s smart. and i don’t think she likes hyperconsumption too much. excellent artist. and a single mom. with one child only. i’m pretty sure she tweeted that she doesn’t want anymore. i will be buying her work, soon as my first check comes. i cannot use my 1 credit card, it’s only for emergencies. and i’m super glad i had it, when i got sick, from abuse. because i needed it. cash money only. i want one of her pics in my new crib. of a thick black/brown dominican woman. i’m saving to buy a condo. for when my man immigrates to the US. and he got three kids. who most likely will be coming too. cuz their mom likes white women in telenovelas, clubbing, and screaming at them when they come home from school. i don’t think, really, she wanted kids. but i don’t mind having 3 or 4, with a good man who does his share of the work.

this is where i would send them. to this public school. more worried about their bilingual educations, and not whether they have on air jordan’s. i actually, have a plan. (i’m pretty sure one of my ex’s kid’s goes here. which is extremely intelligent, of both his parents. who love each other. and their children. their children are mixed. and will know 3 languages lmao!)

rosie perez, the puerto rican american woman, who has no children of her own? talks about this in her unstolen film. it’s really good. you should check it out.

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