I gotta go to work. This tee bout to make me some money! It highlights my perky boobies? Excellently. I got a great wrack. Gotta use what you have!

I hope my dad forgives me. I really have tried to find a “nice young man”, “cleancut” from a “good” background, who is “educated”, and “treats you with ultimate respect”. I even brought them home. Which is a HUGE deal.

And they were the biggest hoes I ever encountered. Horribly abusive men. Lmao!

So now I’m trying something different. And following in my mom’s footsteps. Turning a piece of shit? Into an emperor. Just like my ex’s women are doing. Cuz guess what they have never been?

Hoe moment women. Good teaching.

A sista gotta live. *shrug*

These chics are crazy ya’ll. Not brazy. Crazy!! Coo coo. Crazy. Stalking. Nuts. Lmao!

Can I please just get ONE good man. who is not lying on, cheating on, or stealing from anyone? Just a regular ass dude. Who’s brazy. Preferably. Cuz these hoes who dump you when you need them most? Flying through you all like inanimate objects. And falling in love with you sometimes to make poems, cuz nothing is personal. And intimate. And about love.

Not money. I don’t want your loot!!

I already know that money, don’t buy love.

And that ya’ll 2? Are dead pigeons. Lmao!

(I’d rather write poems? In love. Than make money? Without it.)

(Feelings? Super important to me. More important than all the hoe moments on the planet. You have to teach men who love you how to make your body sing. What the hell is a hoe moment gonna do for me?

Total and complete hell forever! I ran through all these hip hop niggas with my sociopathic stalking ass…and now? We want our bodies back!

Write some poems off other people’s struggles? Steal a film? I can’t help you. No experience in that department. But I have been to the psyche ward before. Sick. From extreme abuse. So I can recommend that you take your sociopathic asses there, 2.


I would rather promote good women, who are bad ass. And been sheisted out of their just do?

Dope mamas.

Than hip hop hoes!!

I cannot fuck with no chics who get songs made up about them, talkin bout “I don’t fuck with you”. They are sociopathic stalking chics. They baby daddy’s are non existent. They have immaculate conception children. And I actually dig sex. A lot. I’m a grown ass woman. Very in touch with my own body. I know exactly what I like, and how.

Just not with no lying cheating stealing hoe!! Who does not understand what it means to be loyal and faithful.

I’m totally uninterested in past, present, and future hoes!! I’m interested in women and men who do everything to support their partners, and then get dissed. For the same hoes I been discussing.

Leaving men and women damaged for life. For they hoe moment money.

Get a job. Lmao!

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