1. if any women are looking for examples of what it means to be a good woman, and to support a man — through thick and thin? *the prisoner’s wife* asha bandele. best american love story.
  2. if you are looking for a woman’s independent take on hip hop and being a woman in the culture? *when chickenhead’s come home to roost* joan morgan (and come on son, you know that title is genius and hilarious!!!)
  3. and if you want to donate to a good cause, where black and brown women express themselves, their voices? please donate to *Torch* that woman, amanda johnston, (who has a white mother, who taught her — obviously — the value of women lol) is busting her behind to give back to black and brown women and girls. https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/torch-literary-arts
  4. if you are looking for a dope ass poet who is palestinian, and wants you to understand that struggle? she believes in love over hate, for everyone. she is muslim, and i won’t speak for her? but i don’t think she’s interested in sharing her man. (it’s in her poetry, you can hear it…) *born palestinian, born black* suheir hammad. and here’s the poem i’m talking about that moves me to tears, every single time i hear it.

5. there are many many many many more…i’ll get back to it. i need to head home and go to sleep (despite how many rap songs tell me not to lol) i’m tired.

6. next up? mariahdessa ekere tallie. what a strong and beautiful woman. her collection. *karma’s footsteps* is a tribute to black and brown women everywhere. i haven’t bought *strut* yet. but i am going to order it, through frugal bookstore. i LOVE that name. and besides, they give teacher discounts. http://frugalbookstore.net . they are a black owned business, struggling to stay afloat and i support them. i also go to brookline booksmith. they were in existence first, and they’re open late so if i really need it? i’m good. they also give teacher discounts. http://www.brooklinebooksmith.com

7. sleep lol to be continued…

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