if donald trump wants to be african? fine! who cares? lol! long as he acts like an AFRICAN AMERICAN president, post 2008 — but better (good luck with that lmao!)

the dude knows NOTHING about running a country. and i am glad to see democrats, republicans, and everyone else trying to help the man! he’s not hitler! he’s damaged!

nothing has happened yet! except people have gone straight psycho off his rhetoric. and now, violence!, and he wants it to stop, and it’s not. because words have consequences.


this country needs one big ass racial dialog. and people are to polarized and afraid to have one. and it’s weird to me, personally, because i didn’t grow up in polarized anything.

diversity. that’s what i grew up in. it’s super american!

he was an abused kid! and he realizes he’s just caused a huge calamity with his big ass mouth! i realized, that writing privately to one person was a big mistake! reaching out for any kind of help, was a big mistake! fighting back against abuse, was a big mistake!

but i didn’t cause jack shit!

i’m trying to help fix it! so work together? or fall back!