if donald trump wins?

whatever. it’s not like blk people were tryna vote in their own self interests. i actually heard one of these fake freedom fighting chics say “there was a time when i would have supported hillary clinton” really?! i thought you loved blk people so much (which we know is a lie, now. since ya’ll have done your best to destroy a few — missed me, deray, and some others! lmao!)

i’m reconsidering voting at all. i’m tired of this lesser of two evils mess. and michelle obama, beyoncé, nor ivanka are running lol. ya’ll too busy following the status quo instead of full on supporting bernie or jill.

i blame us.

people probably sick and tired of freedom fighting hypocrisy. i sure know i am. busy using people for as much as they can get.

i don’t blame the poor white folks in west virginia. that state went to bernie. as did alaska, utah?. idaho, wyoming…ARE there any blk and brn folks in wyoming?! lmao (i know, we everywhere lol)

people really need to start looking beyond race for solutions to systemic racism. but no. they’d rather, HATE.

keep it up. lol

(all these blk women who look worn out in their 40's? imma tell you what it is…it’s all that HATE. And shopping their bodies. Like the body is not sacred. Like sex is some random cheap, instead of spiritual, act. me? i’m stayin on my sanaa lathan. bump that. i hate no one. i just don’t like fake people too much.)

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