Oh, and then there’s them. Don’t tell me about free labor. Ever. Thanks mom.

Anyway, another reason I dig Paul Ryan. And will vote for him in 2020.

When your ex boyfriend calls you from different numbers and keeps sending you this same song. 🙄 Stupid trash. Blocked.

Nigga die alone. AIDS. All by yourself. After the way that nigga treated me? Let his mama wipe his ass. Oops, I forgot. She’s got a new boyfriend. A white man. (She listens when the best women “speak”. “Get you a nice white man. Who treats you like the ground you walk on is golden”. Done! Lol!)

He started chillin wit black men? It was all over for them. Lol!

Trash. I would not buy anything this boy child produced. Ever. Shady as fuck. Just like the hip hop HIV spreading sociopathic hip hop hoe he should be with. Thousands of men. Infected.

Em in Em? Ha! In your dreams.

I’m on Kim’s side. 4hunnid.

If I were a black man? I would never date a black woman after seeing how so many black women treat you on twitter.

I also wouldn’t date any men. I know how many of you cheat. Men are easily tempted. They have no loyalty, generally. Your most popular role models for women get cheated on constantly. It takes a catastrophe for men to learn that’s not acceptable. And even then? They still don’t learn a lot of times.

It’s always funny to me how they complain about being cheated on. And even when they are with a woman who doesn’t cheat on them, they think you should be grateful while they’re cheating on you. Or, they are so guilty they accuse you of doing the things that they do. And you constantly have to reassure them that’s not the case.

Besides, they don’t appreciate what they have. Ever. So when women act “loose”, you can’t be upset. There’s not trust. Always the next chic.

My experience has been. Just be nice to these dudes. Let them try everything under the sun.

E you are such a beautiful woman why can’t I just take you…

No thanks. I pay my own way. I will never owe you a thing.

I just want men to be aware, the way you treat women? Exactly how your daughters will be, or get treated. Enjoy their innocence while they’re young. It’s all downhill from there. Not even. It happens as soon as girls start school. Even before.

Probably another reason I never bothered to have a kid. Why, so if she’s a girl she can be treated like crap by the world? If he’s a boy, crappy treatment for women? Even gay men call men trash humans.

It’s so sad. I just smile. Let these dudes rap. And keep it moving. They know they can’t touch me. I don’t know why they bother trying. It’s a hugely rare occurrence. You get to touch me? You have seriously been lucky. But you don’t appreciate it until after you fuck everything up, cheating, anyway. So you know. Revolving cycle.

White peoples do so much better at fidelity. I know some really happily married white people without those problems. Maybe it’s genetic. White people are more genetically inclined to be monogamous?

Every black man I’ve ever known has been a cheater. Except my little brother. Who I schooled so hard. He really listened to me. And as a result? He’s a very happily married man. I’m so proud of him. He worships the ground his wife walks on. They are madly in love. I gotta hit up my sister in law. She’s so funny! “Men are dumb. You just tell them what they are supposed to do. If you find a man who does what you tell him? That’s your husband.”

Have a good day ya’ll. Off to teach my kids how to interact with each other appropriately.

Yesterday? A little boy scribbled all over a girl’s notebook in class. He has a crush on her.

She started crying. Way to go!

Reminds me of this. Starts early, boys bad behavior. So, be aware. Girls really get tortured. In kindergarten and first grade.


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