if you want to talk about sociopaths and narcissists? we can look to their fathers — to blame for that. it’s the boys in families who spent more time with their mom’s? (traditionally, but that’s changing. right men? lol) that didn’t go that route…

i know 3.

one, has harmed a lot, a lot, a lot, of people.

another, has harmed a lot, a lot, of people.

and i stopped one before he could begin. he’s got an excellent wife. a beautiful family. and he will never take them for granted, again. he will listen to what his wife tells him to do. and i will communicate with her.


i find it very interesting that there is no balanced commentary on this.

i’m turning sociopaths, narcissists, and/or rapists?

into righteous men.

(or, they can die trying. those are their only two options. change your lives, now. you will only have one wife, for the rest of your life. you will never damage another person. and you will respect this planet and everybody on it? till your dying breath. capiche? excellent. we’re all on the same page.)

*getting happier…!*

me: you must always help women. you must help your mother. when she tells you to clean your room? you have to do what she tells you. she loves you very much.

lil bilal: i always help girls! i help my mom. i even help ms. allen clean her classroom!


(thank you senator ryan. unconditional protection.)