Swimmer. (Her dad takes her to lessons. I asked that LT please have her learn right away. “Why are you so pressed? What is going on with you? 😞. Fine E Love. We’ll do it.” Lol! )



If you’re too afraid of the water to open the car window? And swim out. You will drown. If you find yourself about to be submerged?

Take a deep breath right before the car goes under.

Wait until your vehicle is completely, underwater.

The pressure on the outside of the vehicle will be the same as the pressure on the inside and you will be able to open the door and swim out.

Don’t be afraid to swim.

Don’t panic. Swimming is easy. Kick your legs and propel yourself upward. Pushing downward with your arms against the water. Once you’re at the surface? Turn on your back and relax your body. Float. 😞


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