i’ll say it again…it would have been nice for you to share the link. so a whole bunch of people could have heard a peaceful child, read his poetry. people can be really possessive of their children. but children aren’t possessions. they have parents to love, nurture, guide, and protect them. children belong to the world.

no one’s dying. people live with all kinds of ailments. i know i do. being bipolar is very difficult. but, it hasn’t ever stopped me — from pursuing anything. i used to be ashamed of it. i don’t know why. shit, i didn’t cause it. lmao!

just gonna be some people as poor as i am. i’ll give it, less than a year. (and you have no idea just how patient i am. you have to have a lot of patience when you work with special needs students.)

i love reggae too. i have since long before my ex. he was like, 5 and had never heard of reggae music, when i was in jamaica with my fam — blasting it.

just a reminder, rastas, very simply — are peaceful people — they come in all colors, and they don’t all have locks. some of them have full heads of hair. nappy black to straight and blond. some of them are surprise! bald. lol (don’t let a hairdo fool you.)

pubs in boston, sometimes play reggae too. in addition to live seisun music. lol

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