Baron Trump is in a safe environment, “Dreamy”. Just like you are — in London. Long as you don’t start spreading shit over there? Stay there. Americans can handle our business.

It’s 2 safe. He needs to be exposed to new things. And his parents need to not be afraid, or ashamed. To let him develop his own ideas and interests.

He’s a huge — lover — of Lions! Lol! Take him to Africa. To see living ones. He does not like, dead endangered species.

He gets very upset. Which is why he’s on a different floor. He needs — out — of that house. It’s not healthy for him.

Someone should have called child welfare services on you. Dream Hampton.

Who your baby daddy again?

You the sociopath, Dream Hampton. You and Jessica Moore.

Oh, Talib Kweli still one of my favorite rappers of all time. I support him.

Getting healthy. I don’t abandon struggling people, who get duped by some sociopathic hip hop whores!!

Ya not cute. Watch Zendaya!! She’s the next. Following right in Jessica Moore’s footsteps. Sociopath!! She copies. Everything. An unoriginal — mix.

She is no Zora! For a fact!

Zora was super bipolar brazy!

Everyone should get *i love myself when I am laughing…and then again when I am looking mean…*

Zora Neale Hurston had a huge influence on me as a kid. Thanks to Alice Walker, leaving Spelman, and rediscovering her on the white poet, Muriel Rukeyser’s, desk.


I, actually, like Paul Ryan. he hella better than some of ya’ll. supporting hoes!!

  1. i like how he signed that excellent — rape — bill. which protects both women and men.
  2. i like how he did not want to bail wall street out of shit (long before anyone even knew Donald Trump was running for president.)
  3. i like how he likes, not despises, black women (like these patriarchal piece of shit black men).
  4. i like how he takes care of his wife and children.
  5. i like how he hunts with a bow and arrow. not a gun.
  6. i like how he just gets right to the damn point.
  7. i like that he wants competitive options in healthcare.
  8. i like that he does not want to touch the topic, of abortion. tryna sneak it in under the radar. and that if he were to be president. women’s health initiatives would be fully funded. (that’s, currently, a very tricky topic. he’s in a very tight position.)
  9. i like that he flipped burger’s in mcdonalds. so he actually would be the only president — ever — besides maybe, barack obama — who ever did that. had a slave labor job.
  10. i like that he supports working class americans.
  11. i like that he the only nigga in all of congress who wasn’t afraid to grow a damn beard (which looked very nice btw!)
  12. i like that he wants to find a solution for undocumented immigrant children and their families.
  13. i like how he does his best to work bipartisanly.
  14. i like how his favorite president is lincoln, specifically because he signed the emancipation proclamation. paul ryan don’t like no damn slavery!! he thinks it’s the biggest horror of this country!!
  15. i like that paul ryan, likes hip hop! really!

(global warming, lgbtq rights, and abortion. those are my sticking topics. and quite frankly, i don’t think paul ryan gives a fuck if lgbtq people get married or not. or what women decide to have an abortion. it ain’t his business…)

(global warming…solar shack? lmfao! please don’t tell me you have a compost toilet. and are going to dictate that we all get one, because i need to clean my ass, with water! lmao!)

I mean, he’s got a lot of good qualities. who else would be better?

i think the dude has a very good — character. not driven by his personal ego.

deray, of sun.

(don’t be tryna come at me, homie. i’ll whoop yo ass as well! i like you. but i’m issue oriented. i don’t just vote, like an idiot, for people because they say they democrats. you act like there aren’t plenty of racists in the democratic party. there are. and, people who don’t claim they mixed black children. busy fuckin prostitutes and shit. you’ll be runnin when you see me 2. like, oh no! it’s medusa! get it correct — erica. a regular person who likes regular people. i didn’t start wearing timbs all the time so i could brand myself.

i started wearing timbs all the time. after being raped — in college. *side eye*)

i love FJ! lol besides women rappers. ivanka. some folks in ATL. snoop. dr. dre. dj quik. nipsey. 21 savage. lil yachty. dmx. jah rule (my auntie will go absolutely nuts — i would die if i were to ever meet dmx or jah rule without her. scratch that. unless my auntie can come. lol!)…and a few more…(all self made niggaz). she like, the only person i would actually like to meet. from online. the rest of ya’ll? eh. i guess. I mean, at one time i did. but then you painted this image of me as some horrible human being, cuz of 2 hip hop hoes!! ya’ll fuck with!! not me!

those hoes didn’t fool me, at all. all it took was one time, reaching out directly, to know that Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore are horrible human beings.

bipolar people, are very creative. and very intelligent.

so now, not really. *shrug*

oh, i’m the sweetest woman, nas.*side eye* a kind! loving! caring! self sacrificial! woman! but you don’t know that. cuz you don’t know me. (until you fuck with me, on some unrighteous shit. then, i’m a beast! for restorative justice! and you can be mad all you want to be. i still love your music! you’ll get over it. maybe. *shrug*

how’s meek mill doing ya’ll? someone need to call that nigga. make sure he’s holding up okay.

advice: spend money in the strip club. but, don’t touch anyone. I mean, really, cleanse your mind and body and spirit. no sex — at all. go through all the heartbreak, alone. and wait. for the right, woman! who you know, will hold you down. through thick and thin. *1luv!* *stay up!*)

don’t be jealous that i like YG! he is an excellent! single father! who wants peace and harmony! and constantly cheated on by some hoes!! ditto!

we have a lot in common. (not to be confused with that nigga. who need to “be” as well. don’t let no hoes play you out! lol!)

she screamed! fuck that shit!


if donald trump makes restorative justice? (which, he seems to be doing, when it comes to GOOD WOMEN!) he can be, an emperor! (JESSICA MOORE!! AND DREAM HAMPTON!! will remain pigeon brained AIDS infesting — whores!! with, slave labor jobs! no one in hip hop is funding them. anymore. hahahahahahaha!)

i’m going to listen to some remy ma. cuz remy ma got a good man! and they hold each other down! so, you know.

(i don’t know what the hell nas is thinking. that nigga an emperor, lowering his status to a king. good luck with that shit!! i would not be lowering myself to a common king. but, if you a hoe moment man? maybe that’s what you do. i don’t know. i never been a hoe.

emperors! don’t hoe!! they wait, patiently, till the right woman finds them. a woman who works — off her own slave labor merits. and been givin back to everybody. she in ATL. i like her.

but, i respect nikki’s newfound stance. she’s learning. good teaching! women and men who jump from man to man and woman to woman? should — pay for — everything!

every single month. pay for the education of struggling students!

nas, can help you!