Anthem for the ex’s:

Never gonna get it.

When Jessica hoe moment Moore. Retweets the word “robbing”. Lol!

Would that be other people lives (including boys in high school 😮) wit ya nasty gal stank pussy, other people’s words and ideas, other people’s fashion sense,

or your child’s father, robbing him of his money and his son?


Let’s see how her lesbian admirer, Trudy is doing. Ah…still in “hiding”. Shit’s “gargantua”. You never know which nigga who’s face you don’t even remember, is jumping out the bushes.

“Street Harassment”


Time to copy mad black thot. Who is, again, Dream Hampton. Who is also. prison culture and all the common white girls.


Instead of “what you bitches mad about today?”

Straight dumb, uneducated, shit. My weave. My makeup. The nigga who didn’t eat my ass. Republicans. The dude who never loved me cuz I’m a hoe. The fact that I was hoeing and caught HIV.

It’s “what you motherfuckers mad about today?”

That took a lot of 🤔’ing. Didn’t it?

Which goes well for two sociopaths since they both did the exact same thing. Gave a dude HIV, then abandoned him in prison.

Right cardi b?

No emotions. No sensitivity.

It’s a corn chowder w/yukon golds, and leeks and chives, kind of Sunday. Not telling you how it’s made, or what more goes in it. But it’s? 😋

I shared it — privately — with my homegirl.

Best feeling in the world is someone who loves you, putting all that — love — into what they feed you. That’s 1/2 the secret of being a chef. Genuinely loving the people you cook for.

But you have to have emotions! And be sensitive! Naturally! 😎

You have to — care.

When people worry bout how they been livin. And change themselves. Then they can worry about a country. They wanted the end of.

The revolution is personal. Starts within.

I’m not all that focused on the tax code. Mostly because that’s Donald Trump’s dumb ish. It benefits? Mostly? People like — surprise! — members of congress. Extremely wealthy members of congress in BOTH major political parties. Everybody else was trying to ameliorate the damage by proposing provisions to it.

I don’t see tax cuts to corporate america as beneficial to anyone but corporate America. But since walmart, among others, runs your life? And ya’ll love it. They need some incentive to exploit you further and stay put in your communities.

Deal with it till the dude’s out of office. Your lack of foresight and planning is what got Donald Trump elected. With your white prejudices. Still not understanding the difference between celebrating black cultures and disparaging other people’s. and don’t say shit about “our ancestors slaved…”. Yup. And your calculated spread of HIV. By allowing a couple hoes to remain doing that shit? Fucked us up.

Once he’s out of office? (Push if you choose. I’m not interested unless we can skip over crazy ass homophobic mike pence. And go straight to the next in line,

Paul Ryan.) then — forward progress (for real! Not statues. No one cares.) something that has tangible results.

That shit, the tax code, will get rewritten again. It is not a permanent document. Fight for visibility highlighting its provisions that affect you personally. And keep in mind that you can’t change everything you created. Your nastiness towards other human beings who ain’t done shit to you, personally, fuels hatred, fuels having this president. Cause and effect.

I fight against ya’lls bullshit. You do some shady shit, it has an affect, which I then fight against, which also has an affect.

Legislation is changed all the time.

Nothing, but maybe love, is permanent.

Just keep focused on what you can change. How you behave. And don’t forget that a fight for humanity and a healthy planet is not black only. Takes a wide diversity. Make sure you link up with like minded people.

(One of the tragedies of black democrats is their insistence and dependence on federal legislation to determine their futures. There is far less focus on local gov’t and immediate initiatives in local communities to address what may be happening within them.

Which is why the trickle UP affect does not occur. [Don’t laugh. The Nile flows south to north.]

While dummies like Ava DuVer Hollywood , and Shaun cracka ass King were busy trying to get statues removed in a state they don’t come from and don’t benefit from.

How dreamy.

They should have been figuring out what they could do in racist ass small town Kentucky and in the Long Beach part of LA (fuck Hollywood), to address the huge disparities in wealth and access to resources black and brown people been had in those communities/ states. But they don’t give a fuck.

Regular black and brown and poor white people — in their own communities — are not enough incentive to do anything positive, unless they are being exploited by those 2.

Prime examples of why nothing changes. Either “black” folks stabbing each other in the back. Or running to Hollywood.

The black and bougie and privileged, have too many hands in other people’s pots. Minding other people’s business. Doing shady shit. Like stealing ideas, cheating, lying, blocking body cameras in another state — Shaun King — is not from. Taking far too much “creative” licensing over other people’s creations. (While — no one — has made any of Jacqueline Woodson’s — black — characters, into a movie. *locomotion* is this generations *a hero ain’t nothin but a sandwich*)

And murdering — Heather Heyer.

With that white supremacy, Shaun King (exploiting any more Haitians, with you “foundation”? Any more niggaz from the south with that “mega church” shit, no other heads at black colleges threatened by one of your guns? )

Doing — not enough — in their own communities.

Ava for boys and men. With her legs shut. Trying to — stop — the spread of HIV. Personally.

Shaun for black and white people who have been subjected to the racism of his cracka ass, in racist ass Kentucky where Shaun King is from. Don’t forget your anti police, let me chill with the police , initiatives. Shady black white boy.)

Ava for the black and white men she has intentionally harmed.

Both of whom Jessica Moore “loves”. 🤔

No brainer there.

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