i’m not in labor lol!

she’s too funny!!!

i have really bad cramps at the moment. so i’m crotchety and moody. i don’t have any kids. or, i have a lot of them. it depends on what you consider a mom. i don’t believe you have to give physical birth to be one. but, it helps to persuade the public — that you’ve been a mom? longer than a lot of people have had their kids. lol all women are mothers. it’s part of our biological makeup. don’t blame me. i did not create vaginas, uterus’ or fallopian tubes, or ovaries. but they definitely make you, a biological woman. agreed.

how did i forget the clitoris?! one of the worlds 7 wonders lol!!! i’m sorry sophia! yikes!! lol

i’m at work ya’ll. have a great evening!

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