I know, right? Hang on tight harmony! Don’t let go of yo dad!



Here’s my donation! Receipts!


Dream Hampton. Smh. It is her mother’s fault for not doing the things mothers do to protect their children from harm.

She hates men so much? She doesn’t even believe that children should have fathers or that men should exist at all. Not unless they are trans. Trans women. And trans men. The emasculation of men. The masculinization of women.

Dream Hampton is a very sick human being. She is severely mentally ill.

And now she is trying to make up for the horrible things she’s done to innocent human beings. And you can’t give someone back something as precious as the life you’ve stolen.

Don’t mess with women who won’t put themselves on the line for you, men. You are worthy of — love — just like women.

I think a lot of people who want to be a gender they are not. Were abused as children. That is not the same thing as being a two spirit person.

One is an illness.

The other is just being who you are. If you have to alter your body in any way shape or form that doesn’t result from something natural? Like exercise. Or a mastectomy or some ish like that?

You have an internal issue to deal with.

2 spirit people don’t feel the need to change genders. They are comfortable in their own bodies. Like my homie down the street who’s trans. She is perfectly comfortable being exactly who she is. She has no desire to get rid of her penis. Or get breasts. Or pretend she’s a biological woman. She isn’t. And she knows this. 🙃

Think about that.


Lol! Start tomorrow. Small. Like, just go for a stroll. I don’t want anything to happen to you. You gotta live homie! And you have to set the example for the little homie. He’s cute! Look at his face! Lmao!

I gotta go to bed. I’m exhausted. And I have a lot of shit to do tomorrow. Including saying goodbye to my kids. 😞 Me using up my sick days doesn’t apply to saying goodbye. Every year it’s really hard to do that. I start getting prepared early. This time not enough mental healthcare time. Cuz you know. This Dream Hampton creation. Online.

Stay up!

I haven’t had a drink tonight love. I bought Bushmill’s. Skipped over it. That’s Trudy that drinks daily. Bourbon.

Go to the pool. Or walk. Or jog. You want to live to be able to enjoy your kid. ✊🏿✊🏾

Omg! Lmmfao! Good one! Long as you know the chic loves you. And those shits are real. It must feel good to rest your head on some soft breasts. Lol! I used to do that shit all the time with my moms. Lucky you! A cis gendered man with a woman!

(Don’t tell Trudy. Lol!)

Have a good night homie!


(Correction though. If I have a problem with a person, I’ll name him or her. I’m not much on passive aggression hood academic. Again, have a great evening/morning. 😘)

(You starting to sound a little hotepy. Like black woman! You job is to make my black babies! Lactate for me! I’m hungry! — you might wanna chill with that. Take a walk and shit. Ya kinda, um, thick.(Like I said, have a good evening. I’m not down for the destruction of America. My ancestors worked — for free — to build this spot. I’m good with justice and equality for everybody. And sensible capitalism. Go for a walk with you baby. Take him to the pool or something. Peace and harmony.)

Excellent advice. For a nigga from the streets. Which you are not.

A full on friendship. My housemate and I are friends. I have no resources of a marriage. I wish I did. I would not have been bad Dominicana complaining about her excellent husband who she could not stop cheating on. I have the resources of a person who works — slave labor. Eating collard greens and kale and cabbage as necessary.

You have the resources of a person who lies, cheats, steals, and stalks. Twitter is the perfect place for sociopaths to go undercover. Social media is heaven for a sociopath. And that’s all your life is. Social media.

Good luck with that shit. You need a job. Ain’t nothin wrong with you. Just that sociopaths don’t like to work.

This is who you really are.

Don’t engage with my money then, Trudi Ann. I don’t expect to get it back. You are “intellectually dishonest”. You don’t donate anything to anyone. Ever.

It’s not your parents fault. Sociopathy is a mental health condition. One of the worst. Most serial killers?


Least some folks know the truth. If I was looking for attention from heads on social media. I would never have been writing privately — to one person only.

It’s you who wants attention.

I want one good man only. To build with. That’s it. Simple shit.

You are the definition of white supremacy Trudy.

A capitalist without a job. And all you do is “like” people in the mainstream media until you can’t use them for your crazy ass sociopathic purposes.

What happened to your face Trudy? How did you get so much lighter?

Empathy implies I’ve been in your position. So I can feel where you’re coming from. I have sympathy. But I’m reserving it. Cuz that’s a sociopathic trick. To revictimize your victim. Which I am. There are lots of them. All over social media. People you use and abuse. People who never did shit to you but help support you. Not even a thank you.

Your eyes look dead. Like no emotion at all in them. Nothing.

The faces of Trudy.

The faces of Trudy

This chic is straight evil yo. Evil.

Where’s the dollar Trudy. One dollar. (The reason I have that money? Is not cuz I’m rich. It’s because I — work hard — for it. I live in an ex crackhouse that I sacrificed for so the mortgage payment is low. I have a housemate. My car was paid for in cash off the lot — basic model. 2 jobs. And I buy very little for myself besides books, music, and handcrafted earrings. 😒)

Where’s the dollar for Ray/Ava?

All I wanna see is the money. 100 pennies. 20 nickels. 10 dimes. 4 quarters. 2 1/2 dollars. 1 dollar.

That’s what you do when a member of the Lgbtq community, a black member at that, is murdered? And the fam needs money to pay funeral expenses?

Can I see where you’ve given one dollar, to support this kid? A child! 17 years old!

Just one.

Cuz I’m waaaaaaay more angry than you are. At all this hypocrisy. You must be fuckin kidding me!

I had no clue black people like ya’ll even existed. None. And I wish I’d never found out. It is the most depressing thing to realize how fucked up some black people really are.

It’s disgusting. It has not a thing to do with your sexuality.

All character. Totally.



Trudy Ann is a sociopath. She’s dangerous.

And she is the most passive aggressive white woman I have ever not encountered. She is a nasty human being. Her own family don’t fuck wit her, she that nasty.

Explain how anything this woman said was passive aggressive or evasive of your comments. She read them. She wanted to make it clear that she understood what you were saying about some white women. And that she is not one of those white woman.

I don’t see anything negative or directed towards you that was nasty for no reason at all.

All you!!

He’s talking about you — Trudi Ann.


I’ll say it again. I have no problems with 2 spirit people. My issue is with anyone thinking they are more of a woman or man than a biological woman or man.

You cannot be, ever, what you are not. Bad Dominicana can’t be a negra. She’s a morena. Trudy can’t be light skinned black. She’s dark skinned. Jessica Moore and Dream Hampton can’t be black only. They’re mixed black. White mom. Black dad.

I’m tired of the fake shit.

But I’ll make a donation to that kid. Bad Dominicana won’t. Trudy won’t. Jessica Moore won’t. Dream Hampton won’t. But I will.

Those hoes couldn’t even cough up one dollar for Charleena Lyles children. But they got money for Bourbon, and makeup, and hooker heels, and first class flights.

Fuck outta here!! I can’t stand you hoes!! Not even a little.


Omg!! Look at the hoe!! In jeans and boots!

She tryna be me ya’ll! Lmmfao!

(Couple months back this hoe was tryna blame teacher’s for her hoe moment mommy problems. Bitch!! Sit down and stop running ya fuckin dick suckin mouth!!)

fuckin coo coo ass pigeon brained bitch!!

Don’t touch! Any more young men. Old men. Young men. Black men. White men. Jews Muslims Christians Hindus Seikhs Buddhists. What the fuck ever!

At all!

You a fuckin predator!! Real talk!

Naaaaaaasty gal!!


Dear — born hoe!! Not De — troit! You are from Dearborn. Stop gentrifying that city! No one likes you in Detroit. No one! Go back to where you are — originally — from!


So i’m lookin at Ben Shapiro’s timeline? And I’m like 1/2 that shit is hilarious! 1/2 is not funny at all. But he’s correct on this!

These mofos don’t even pick up their own trash!! They expect some undocumented immigrant to do that shit for $2.00 dollars an hour.

Did ya’ll “hear” Jessica Moore talkin bout her trip to Jamaica and how the maid layed rose petals on her bed? 😒

They shoulda left her ass some weeds. Ghetto palm tree branches!


These, btw, are best for whoopin a hoes ass!! You strip the leaves? They perfect! But you have to grow up in THE HOOD! not Dearborn 😒, to know that.

I bet she did not even tip those chics. And none of that’s her own money anyway. It’s her 5 abused and abandoned ex husband’s. She ain’t gettin one red penny out of Talib ever again!

Meanwhile, my ass washing my own clothes with a lavadora you gotta crank. And tippin the chic who was kind enough to take them off the line for me. And fold them when I was sleeping.

I’m tired of ya’lls asses. I really am.


Ms. M got ya back!


Cardi B? My ex has a girlfriend. They all have other women. My ex’s. They’re taken. You’ll have to speak with her.

She does not shake her ass. She’s not a stripper. I think she’s mockin ya’ll. At least that’s what it sounds like, from the lyrics.



First it was Beyoncé. Then it was Cardi B. Now it’s Rihanna.

No disrespect, but the world burning down is FAR MORE FUCKIN IMPORTANT than who Rihanna is kissing.

You have the brain of a pigeon!!

Ya’ll hoes need jobs! Like seriously?

I am not paying for your “disability” which is. I am fat because I do nothing all day but tweet. And watch telenovelas with the Latina and Chicana chics I always wanted to be.


Ya’ll the blackest “white” people on the planet. Really!


I gotta go ya’ll. This has been the hardest I’ve laughed this month! Thank you so much! 😘 (ya’ll love fuckin up my money. But *shrug* these Dominican niggaz are ROLLIN! They all texting their wives and shit. Who are rollin as well! Like omg! She’s funny! They bout to pay me just for laughter! No “cash me” necessary.)


Keep that shit up Dream Hampton. Heart your farts. Look at Nas in a mirage. Cuz you will never see that nigga face to face again? Without gettin a good 😊 ol fashioned black ass whoopin! And when the cops show up? They gonna be saluting Nas. Everybody love Nas!


“Dream Hampton?”


That is exactly what yo baby gonna be, cuz that chic has ZERO daddy. An orphan “honey boo boo” child. Lmao! (I LOVE honey boo boo btw. All she needs is fruits and vegetables and nuts and grains. Lol! And she will be okay. That little girl was sooooooo funny! The REAL honey boo boo child! NOT Dream Hampton!!)

Honey boo boo is SUPPOSED to be in a tutu. She is a little princess. She is not a grown ass woman on stage, and not in a ballet, either.

I’m warning you…I think I can speak for Nas, when I say, don’t even THINK about hiding in his studio!


You thought you were terrified of black men before?

You don’t know terror. Yet. I think you might want to move to Siberia or North Korea. No Islamic countries. ISIS will have you? Like, yesterday.

Cuz niggaz in America? Nah. They are done with you, Dream Hampton. There is no hip hop comeback for that ass.


We know. 🙃🙃 It might have something to do with — ya’ll. Make sure you discuss that as well. And don’t forget. This only dick you ever gettin — again. In love. Every color possible. But black, brown, and white. Like real human beings!


Rainbow dick! Plastic rainbow dick!


Here’s another one. I tried to find a super black version but, they didn’t have it.

It’s for you and your girl to share. I think you need the bigger side cuz, well, you know…your vaginal canal is like this…

I’m all set. If I even saw this shit in person? I would become a men’s rights activist — instantly.

Because you are one of the devil’s servants. Bad Dominicana.

That nigga ain’t never gonna divorce you. Because you will steal his child, and make him pay for everything. He is one of the most unlucky men on the planet. After what you did to your first husband? Nah dawg.

your main job? Is tweeting about soap operas. And eating. You eat a lot!

Is this your cousin? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

And Yes. Treating men like shit is missing. They are so abused by you hoes? They have no clue how to even believe that there are not women like ya’ll in the world.

Like, it’s impossible that erica is that awesome. I don’t think I’m good enough for her. Let me stick with these dumb bitches. Who cares if I get lied to, cheated on, or stolen from.


These hoes are crazy!! Gargantua OR please take a flight to Jacksonville international airport YG! Come see me baby. I got bok choi, rice, nestle’s tollhouse cookies, and bourbon?


Curator of what? Yeah a social critic and social prostitute . And a supporter of women. I will fuck yo man. And give him HIV. So you can be on our twitter team!!


For what? Please give a full written explanation for what you have done to deserve my money?

Pay peech. That shit says “$peech charrifica”.





Ginger ale just came through my nose.


Trudy back on that anti capitalism. She just needs 5000 dollars for a new computer, 400 dollars for camera equipment, and 35 dollars for a pizza. Plus any other donations you're willing to give, for all her adult accomplishments. Mainly:


Gene pool that gets it poppin!

That’s me. The browner one. Age 43. Lmao! No makeup. No photoshop.


Gene pool you don’t want to take a dip in!!

That is Dream Hampton’s cousin. On her mother’s side.

Don’t they look alike? 😳


I’m on CP time. Late for work. Have a great evening. I will be playin this in the ride…It brings back happy memories. Including the elevated tracks at Mass Ave, cuz that was not Dudley. lol

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