How crazy is this, the first time I read this poem? I was in 2nd grade. I thought robert frost? Was a Black man. I was shocked. When I saw his face.

The same thing happened in 3rd grade, when I was introduced to Henry David Thoreau. I was like, he’s a runaway slave! Yeah!

And my teacher, just shook her head. Like this kid is cooked. Tippy Toes Teploe. Cuz she would stand on her tippy toes she was so short, to write on the board.

Please forgive all of us — please! — for how we tortured you that year. Cuz you were so nice! Too nice, in fact.

She should have been “mean”! 😡


I don’t rely on Donald Trump for shit. I am not fooled by a mentally ill white man. Racism is a disease. Ask, Amiri Baraka. Who hated himself. Piece of shit man that he was. If Donald Trump was dead? And not the president. I’d be saying the same shit about him. Donald Trump has a chance to redeem his soul. Amiri Baraka died, and went to “hell”. *shrug*How crazy is this…

Key factor: highly abusive men. And their whores.

That’s not the path I’m on.

Twitter has some sociopaths. Their work involves fucking, or making money off the abuse of marginalized children.

No money. You are just as good an organizer, if not much better, as she is. And don’t forget it. 😘

I am over, people who abandoned me for some fame, a name, and some money. But we’ll always be friends. I don’t abandon people I’ve loved. Not my — character. And I want to be judged on the “content of my character”. Not “the color of my skin.”

Heavy sis. A heavy load.

There is no Tuna dick, mikki. There is a woman, who was madly in love with a man — trying to get back to dream hampton. I cooked him the best food, washed his dirty clothes, ran his bath where the water turned — black — nobody had taken care of him for sooooo long. And then he bounced. With me having no clue. No clue what was going on.

Guess who did? Dream Hampton. For 20 years, she mocked and abused him.

Now tell me sis…if that was your black son?

What would you do — to Dream Hampton. Give her money?

That’s what I thought.

Don’t play with me.

That hip hop hoe needs a slave labor job. Like, you have. Real talk.

I’m over here remembering Dream Hampton’s rampage on Nas. Her prison culture sociopathic lifestyle.

And you know why? Cuz Dream Hampton’s child ain’t got no daddy. No dad at all. “I made her by myself.”

And she was furious when she heard this song.

But I? Was not. I was like:

YES! Hip Hop is back! Lmmfao!

And, I even know exactly who he needs to link with for that homegrown revolutionary cooking. And feeding the people, and conscious lifestyle. Where black people are loved — immensely. And everybody is included. Discrimination against good humans of all colors?

Never heard of it. 😊

what a woman!

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