i sho nuff did, sociopathic trudi ann. who bleaches her skin. with that stock photography.

cut through all the bullshit. in the south. you cannot be me, trudi ann. be yoself. hiv infecting hoe that you are. uber hoe. that is all.

i don’t do, and will never do, black only. i’m a mix. mixed black. and unashamed of this fact.

isn’t my bestie from childhood, so beautiful! in the middle!

look at her, smile!

all those pretty teeth! they all got, pretty teeth! lmmfao! teeth are the best overall indicator of your health.

show that smile. hoes!!

(oh, i have all of my teeth. even the wisdom teeth. and such a pretty smile. i get complimented. on my smile.)

never blame my mother. beautiful.

blame black only intanets women. and hiv spreading women.

i don’t know if you’ve noticed? but niggaz? they don’t care as much about the color of your skin. or your hair. or your makeup. or your fat ass.

as they do. your character.

and i say that, as a black woman. i’ve never been mistaken, for anything else.

(when you the same color as fj, basically. with frizzy curls. but black only women mad. cuz you got frizzy curls. and they got weaves. *come on son* ya petty.)

(i’m not thinking about: fat asses, light vs. dark, hating white people, my baby daddy drama, makeup, skimpy clothing, who got the best body who doesn’t.

i’m really thinking of a nuclear war. because you followed a mixed black woman. she has a white mother. black father. but she does black only. her existence, would not be possible without the mix. Dream Hampton. deal. with. it. and every hoe who followed her hiv infecting ass.)

ya’ll the fringes of society. i’m super mainstream. diversity. intersectionality.

do you know what the after effects of a nuclear war are?

you can thank, your “dreamy”

that was never my dream.


a visionary. and you will respect me. you will not abuse me.

as a: mixed. black. bipolar. woman.

this is me. (we’re far beyond national holidays fj. lmmfao! wake up. all ya’ll hoes bitchin and moanin about how you have to work and the white people this and that. wake up.

Everything you have, came from Dream Hampton. Including, a side of HIV.

I, am not Dream Hampton. I work intersectionally. Always. I have never done, black or white only. And I’m extremely specific when it comes — to men — that I have problems with. You are not. That’s why you need guns.

And there are both women, and men, who will kill you. All over the world. Isis niggaz. The third noose? In the nation’s capital? Was for you. You, FJ. Dream Hampton. Jessica Moore.

So listen. The first time. Lil sis. )

this is ya’ll dreamy. black only women.

i will be. loved. protected. respected. not lied to, cheated on, stolen from, stalked.

(ain’t no — hoes!! in this house.)

equal rights for — women!

make america great again!

(if you kill me? that’s the end of humanity. really.)



ya’ll old dudes, mad disrespectful. patriarchal pieces of harem hoe pigeon brained shit.

i’m a money maker. and a woman.

super bipolar creativity. i can flip it to the next shit. legs closed.

i’m no hoe. never been.

my very good brain. is the most valuable ass-et in hip hop. lmao!

(i will build yo shit. if you want the dopest clean pussy. best food. best healthy hugs. and love! comes first. not money. otherwise, ya cursed. and you can keep it movin on to the hoes. i’m not hurt. i do love.

that’s my full worth. my brain? bout to be shut down. let all ya’ll niggaz fend for yourselves for the next four years. cuz, i ain’t been paid. for none of my work. fighting oppression on all sides. and, um, the whole planet can go straight into a nuclear war. i got survival skills for that as well, son.

never fuck wit hoes over good women.)

ya’ll stupid! lmmfao! cardi b. is not with YG.

YG already knows what time it is. we on that revolutionary — school time! — ish.

(YG? wants the original mix. he’s been played — hard. this is who I am. full authenticity. mind, body, soul. naturally.

take it. or leave it. there are like, a lot of niggaz, clockin me. hard.

i can have any man i want. lmao!

if you a hoe? ya gotta go. that’s all there is to it. b-e-headed.)

i. don’t. share. my. man.


exactly deray! i been tryna pump cardi b to run for office! she tired of rats and roaches and hoes!! in the bronx! cardi b. is the little girl who a teacher called stupid. said she should be a stripper.

it killed her soul. this is all i’m worth. i’m gon’ be the best stripper ever!

*the raaaaaaage!* (yo dog, where is that teacher? beheaded!!)

she did just enough to be proud to graduate from high school.

niggaz weren’t diggin the little booty and little breasts. she altered them. cuz err’body want a fat ass and big titties.

ya dumb ass pigeon brained harem hoe niggaz!!

who did not appreciate her the way she was.

*the raaaaaaage!*

and got her money. the way they said she could.

now, she on, well. this my face! with no makeup! take it or leave it ya hoes!!

all you hoes!! fuck you all!!

you go girl!

women’s empowerment! equal rights!

paul ryan be eatin vegetables and fruits and grains and nuts and shit.

that nigga like, organic cider. lmao!

as it is, if he want his own meat? that nigga is no sucka! he kill the shit himself, wit a bow, and arrows! lmmfao

look at him. that should tell you, pretty much, um, everything?

these rolly polly fat ass republicans. ya kicked out of office!! go away!!

YG! love you baby! I'm workin! lol! imma see you soon!

gastric bypass. lap band.

nigga please!!

yo ass fat!! let’s do the math! that’s cuz all you do is eat a whole bunch of junky ass meat!! the only people who ain’t fat and sloppy [not to be confused with thick] in this family? eat healthy portions of meat and vegetables and fruits and grains! or no meat at all! i don’t want to hear shit! ya’ll both are excellent swimmers!

my brothers?

get yo fat ass in the pool! lmmfao!

(and chics down south be frontin. like they don’t eat meat. yes the hell they do!! lmao! talkin bout i’m fat black and vegan. no the fuck you not! ommiting the full truth. *side eye*)

(my family really mad, now! lol!

not my cuzzin though. my cuzzin like, you know that’s right! tell em gurl! lmmfao!

lil bilal!)

lil bilal is not a huge fan of meat. he eats it. but he really likes fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and grains. really. that’s his preference.

and, it should be yours as well.


my food chart is different. because i’m actually a — real! — revolutionary. but, yo ass gotta start somewhere. *shrug*

nope. be trans if you want to. with a penis. i don’t believe in plastic surgery to alter your body. i think yo lazy ass just needs to go to the gym? just like my brothers.

anyway, be happy in the body you in. you are not the wrong gender. that’s a mental illness. you are a two spirit person.

ask yoself. how did trans people survive before they could get a dick, get a vagina, get some boobies, chop em off.

they survived? by embracing all of who they are.

ain’t no men, turning into women, “surpassing certainty” *side eye* Dream Hampton craziness!! and no women turnin into men.

and all, “we good girl! i’m just like you!” until there’s a disagreement, they come into the girl’s bathroom, and wanna throw down, like a man. fuck outta here! security! safe space!

not sorry!

(you’re welcome in the girl’s or boy’s bathroom. you should never be harmed because you are trans. adopt kids. jobs. all that! equal rights all across the board! but, um, my role model is ru paul. and that nigga, got a dick! proud of it! lmmfao!)

i’m not interesred in conversations about capitalism, anymore. most black people? I've encountered? are super capitalists. they don’t give a fuck about shit. the environment. exploitation of humans. all they want is they money.

i’m interested in how to moderate capitalism.

basically. walk the walk you talk.

get em deray! free my little homies selling — water! — on the street!

*the raaaaaaage!*

red alert! red alert!

when the teacher ask for your child’s phone. cuz they on it, doing shit they should not be doing, in the middle of class?

please do not listen to your child, saying some DUMB ASS CRAP!! about,

“this teacher is abusing me. she took my phone and everything. i didn’t do anything. she’s discriminating against me. she makes me stand in line like a — soldier! complete silence! she said she doesn’t want any of us talking on our way to the caf! she’s mean! she’s a dictator and a racist!! she told me i was going to miss recess and i didn’t do anything. she’s discriminating against me, mama. cuz i’m black.”

that kid is lying!! facts! lmmfao!

talk to the teacher. face to face, if necessary. lol!

every teacher on the planet knows this is the truth. there are like, only 5% of teachers who hate your children. do they have they own personal race issues to work out? i’m sure.

do they love your kids? yes!

we don’t get paid enough for having 24 little garveys in class. for 6 hours daily.

FJ? just fell out. like omg! i can’t imagine having all those bad ass kids. at the same damn time. giiiiiiirl! okay. i hear you.

what just happened saeed?

I want Bill Cosby? retried. he’s doin what now? telling athletes and some other dumb niggaz how to avoid sexual assault allegations?

that nigga don’t listen. the first time. i said — restorative justice!

i did not say, “let me tell you how to be a rapist.”

the lgbtqxyz community lmao! just put black and brown in their flag.

fj like “i’m so tired” these damn white people! i want rainbows! no human colors!


tell em deray! lmmfao!

“i pledge allegiance to the fact that i would rather my dad have a whole organic marijuana farm! rather than see him get shot by the police!!”

“Fuck man, I checked my son’s texts and he cusses like a goddamned sailor. Where the hell did this shit come from? Damn.” — FJ


you. and that’s where his hatred gon’ come from 2.

what are you? the black david duke? lmao!

(fyi: marcus garvey did not hate white people. he just wanted his own damn shipping company between the americas and africa. that’s all. almost like slavery. without the people. lmao!)

you better stop that shit fj! imma whoop yo ass! we have to lead by example! lmao!

i like YG mama. she proud to be black. and i don’t think she gives a good gotdamn who her sons date. long as that person treats them right.

that’s a revolutionary fo yo ass. like my nana. dark skinned black. she didn’t give a fuck. she did not like my biological mother, cuz she was hurting my father. she love my mama. tea, and all that. cuz she treated him well.

that was my nana’s only criteria. everyone else’s opinions? they could all go to hell. that’s basically how my whole family functions. almost. lmao!

dark skinned refugee? sure. (with sex)

“mixed black” black nationalist? sure (with sex)

brown skinned non english speaker? sure. (with sex)

white american conservative? sure. (best friend)

black american ironheaded gangsta? nah.

with a whole bunch of tats? nope.

a rapper? hell no!

and guess who I like, best?

(not from him tho. lmao!)


(and we almost the same damn color *Side eye*)

discrimination! fight back!


there’s so much hatred in the world, when it comes to race. who cares what your kid prefers? dark skinned, light skinned.

if i had a kid? and he/she was at the age that he/she liked boys/girls?

the only thing that would be on my mind as a parent?

  1. how does that person treat you? what is his/her character?

that’s it.


if you do not like capitalism fj? you have to give up your money for the creative works you produce. and, get the link off your page, to pay you. all that is, capitalism.

“capitalism is not the way out”

lead, by example. lets see, if you’ll do it. for free.

write for free. i’ll give you 2 years only. you don’t have to do it for five years straight, like me. you ain’t built for that. but, not one red penny. for 2 years straight. you get no money. ever.

while working delivery. and teaching, and writing for something bigger than your own pocket. plus, donating back hard earned money (my hundred dollar donation to you? was a night’s worth of work. while women on twitter, makin jokes about pizza, including you.) to people, like yourself.

cash money. anarchism.

take the link off your page. write for free. work another job (I mean, you got a man at home, doing the majority of the cooking and cleaning.) and kick back loot. cash only.

i am not anti healthcare anything. i am all elizabeth warren on women’s health. and all healthcare. in the state of massachusetts. i believe there should be a model of what we have, that was created under mitt romney, as a first step. options in healthcare providers. and a health safety net to pick up things providers would not cover. in each of the options.

i do not want socialized medicine. where the entire system says, nope. we don’t cover it. and so the entire system, gets to ban whatever you need covered. no access.

diversified healthcare options and plans. just like you get for working somewhere. even if you “disabled” like trudy, and have no job. cuz you can’t afford to do anything but hide under the covers all day. and dog really sick women. who have 15 followers. not 50 thousand. talkin priviledge. *side eye*

get it?

paul ryan, as speaker of the house. has to figure out how this is done. collectively. and what his beef is with mitt romney? i don’t know. but what mitt romney did in massachusetts has worked, quite well, for the majority of people.

if you tryna pull an obama homie? his shit was wack as well. he tried but…

massachusetts has done a much better job (now watch the black only hoes hate. cuz they want to believe erica is a white gurl. and not mixed black — not lying about it — who does intersectionality since that’s her upbringing.

yes. intersectionality. deal with it. deal with your internalized racism.)

make sure you, you don’t shoot yourself in the foot, paul. by going out on your wife. her ideas. come before yours. because women. “have very good brains.” if you go out on your one wife only? you will never be president. and i will have no empathy. because she, has a very good brain.

no mikki. black people haven’t grown at the slowest rate. whites have.

black people have grown.


and as such, you will never coopt our voices. not even, your own child’s. for anything that resembles, black only. deal with it, sis.

i’m reading it all, deray.

other people’s links that you post. so, i don’t owe you shit. ya didn’t write it.

currently, a public government document. i need to pay you? for posting that shit? no. i don’t. you got that from someone else who ain’t gettin paid. least of all, the clerk who wrote it. or the transcriptionist. save it.

at least deray ain’t like “fuck you pay me!” for what? retweeting other people’s thoughts/art and adding commentary. i’m doing the same thing you do.

why do i have to pay you? lmmfao!

ya’ll think i just look at the post? ha!

ya’ll all like, she’s stupid and surface.

incorrect. i am highly intelligent. more intelligent than most of you.

i have a very good brain.

bipolar and brazy.

“i know you’ve always been a reader, but it’s time for me to read you.” — dad.


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