I’m so glad I live in Massachusetts. Currently.

Emperor Romney did an excellent job on healthcare. It’s a model, in my opinion. For what healthcare should look like in America

I know he’s white. And a Mormon. And they are like super strict people. I mean, no sex before marriage. They don’t drink. Smoke. They don’t even swear.

They are really good. And they really do give back to poor people.

It is a requirement if you are a Mormon boy. Or you gonna get your butt whooped!

It’s not perfect. Our state health insurance.

But it’s good.

I don’t want no damn Medicare 4 All. That’s a temporary solution for a long term problem.

The premiums will go through the roof.

I don’t trust this government enough for that. Or the healthcare providers who are going to morph into medicare 4 all.

And you can leave the 4 out of it.

Cuz YG? Like most gangstas. Is not a socialist. Or a communist.

He’s a capitalist.

A sensible one!

Medicare 4 all will make a fortune off denying care.

Anytime there’s a monopoly. The quality of the product/service goes down, and huge exploitation in a super capitalist system occurs.

See the Wall Street bailout. Walmart.

And Monsanto. (Which really needs to be put in check. Like, 50 years ago. 😒)

I think we need options. That’s just my “white” “Nazi” opinion.


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