“I’m so lucky come here [HUG] me [boy]!”

You don’t just jump into bed with some random people!! You have to share other forms of human intimacy before all that. Full grown adults should enjoy sex. That is normal and healthy human behavior. But all ya’ll do is fuck. And eat. And make art.

How many of you crazy ass people gone more than 30 days without having sex besides YG. And lil Yachty. And Beyoncé. (My bad. She ain’t on that ish.) And Kendrick. And Sza. And Nipsey. And Future. And Lil Wayne. And 21 Savage. And Boosie.

Hip Hop niggaz the only ones who can do things besides eat and fuck. They be goin skateboarding. Riding bikes and tricycles and shit. Playing video games.

All ya’ll do is watch porn. Then have sex with whatever random person you picked up at the laundromat. Or the bodega. Eat. And 2 days later?

Write a poem. Film some shit. Paint a picture. All about being black and oppressed. Slavery or some more depressing shit. 😒 Eat.

Then there’s another random person. Or 2 or 3 of them. Then you write a poem. Film some shit. Paint a pic.

And ya back to fuckin. It’s craziness!!

None of ya’ll have any clue what love is.

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