i’m so tired…donald trump, ivanka needs to “fire [YOU] like a dog”, because you messin with her money. and if there’s one thing she’s learned from you? don’t touch her money! lol! (i’m buying some ivanka kicks. i support her. she can’t be blamed for her dad’s major life mistakes. she didn’t DO anything — to anybody. ) you are not going to be the president of anything, but cleaning your house. so, you can forget about it. lol

i’m so tired of thinking of the nightmare these strangers brought into my life by using my words. and it’s all my fault. for being manic, and writing about the abuse i was suffering (among many things — used and abused), to the wrong person.

i will never trust “black” people again. just because they’re “black”. i tried that. just trusting and really believing black people were so much better than everyone else. i mean “original man” and “black is dominant” and all that mumbo jumbo. but in reality, i’ve been damaged by more black and brown people, personally, than any white people. it’s because, i listened to black men calling themselves god, and how black people are royalty and queens and kings and we so oppressed (never a word about the black man who got his foot on his multiple bitches necks lmao! just the white man. that’s the culprit! lmao!)

that i got into this mess! lmao!

i don’t do ANYTHING that deals with skin color. you want to discuss character? i’m down. skin color? means absolutely nothing to me. nothing at all. i like people for WHO THEY ARE. as human beings.

mixed chics and light skinned women with straight haired privileges — are the worst. not because they’re mixed or light skinned. or clearly, have privileges they never ever acknowledge. but because they don’t love themselves — if they get caught in that black nationalism. they despise that they are light, and mixed. they do everything on earth to fit into blackness

instead of just being who they are.

i’m a mixed chic with brown skin. and i love myself, immensely, just the way i am.

it’s a tragedy, those vampire women. following some philosophy and surrounding themselves with darker bodies, that never accept them fully, unless they deny parts of who they be. it’s so bad, the delusion? black exists. white doesn’t (if it’s your mama lol), but white supremacy is all around us. the bitch is mad confused. white is a color honey. like yo mama. lmao!

that’s why i don’t buy race as meaning anything. content of character, is everything.

if you are good people. if you purposefully don’t cheat and steal? i’ll mess with you. that’s why i like ivanka. she is not trying to deny any parts of who she is, she’s clearly the daughter on an immigrant. she’s been through hell and back again and is constantly smiling, she has a beautiful family. a fine ass husband lol!, she supports women. and pink and purple go well together. for real i find her more inspirational, than these mixed chics talking about prison, and consent, and wanting their bodies back. especially the last part of that. it’s all depressing. 24/7. just constant drudgery, self hatred, and hoeing. i don’t relate! i relate to monogamy, having a husband, family, fresh food, clean water, business ownership, money, making ammends with your dad before he’s dead, beauty, economical meals (like spaghetti lol!), and i enjoy quality time in my home, instead of flying all over the place like a damn flying rat — or pigeon lol i’d rather be a hummingbird. and silent. hummingbirds don’t have a huge flock of other dirty birds around them. and they’re quick. and pretty quiet.

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