i’m sorry if you need me, now. but when i needed most of ya’ll? i was on my own. “hahahaha” so, now? you on yours. fend for your lying mixed selves. lmao!

i know who’s had my back. thank you very much. i don’t want to support your fake black causes. i like people who tell the truth about who they are. and ya’ll just can’t seem to do that. you were busy trying to damage me for telling the truth about who i am. (don’t get that confused with me not supporting black and brown people. ever. i am brown. i know exactly what i’ve been subjected to. these folks pick and choose who’s worthy of support. if you refuse to say you’re black only? if they want to use and abuse your creativity? if they want anything that belongs to you? these lying mixed people — will kill you. and laugh about it.)

didn’t trust you before. trust you less now. and it’s all your fault.

white mom. black dad. truth.

bye. stop lying. your ass stays on twitter.

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