i’m tired of ya’ll dumb niggaz harrasing black women. shut the fuck up and sit your dumb asses down before i put all your behinds on super blast!

talib bipolar x’s 5,000,000. he thinks he knows every damn thing — steada being a scholar! like his name says! lmao! he’s harmless. he’s just mad that you won’t give him any FJ! you don’t see that?! (you ain’t gettin any either talib, because she ain’t no hoe moment chic. so stop attacking everyone who has something to say to you, that you don’t like! i’m trying to help you be a better man, you over here going twitter crazy! lmao!!!!!!!)

i’m tired of these lame ass black men (talib, hurry up and redeem yourself! you’re so damn arrogant sometimes, instead of being humble!)

i’m gonna get the “gangsta’s” to fuck all ya’ll lame ass black men up — keep up your bullshit! they don’t play that harrass black and brown women! they love they mama’s!!!!!!! (not to be confused with mama’s boys. those are the dudes that grow up to be these little whiny entitled punks. who don’t know how to do shit for themselves!)

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