Imma fuck around and be just like you jobless broke “Indy artists”. Fuckin with you HIV spreading hoes. I know that’s what you want. To see me miserable. And isolated from the world. While you try to continue capitalizing on all aspects of my life. And blame me for your lifestyles.

This trash was beyond me 30 years ago. Because niggaz in hip hop decided to use me to build their shit. While supporting the sociopathic whore s— Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. And fuckin everything like the hoes you are. Black people just as evil as the white people you constantly critique. You have become just like the white supremacists you talk shit about. And I feel so sorry for what has happened to hip hop and by extension? The planet. Cuz ya’ll too caught up in superficial material shit. And not enough with your own self reflection on the types of lives you’ve led. Whole generations of kids affected by 2 hoes. That I don’t know. And that I don’t ever want to.

I want those 2 hoes dead. For their crimes against humanity. Anybody who follows in their footsteps is evil. It’s gotten so bad? That you have affected innocent — billions-of innocent people.

I love hip hop. But your lifestyles are horrid. You are not good human beings. And to think our ancestors went from physical slavery to the slavery of HIV. Ain’t nothin revolutionary about your asses. But your dicks and pussies and how freely you can be hoes. That is not acceptable. For black people. I am ashamed of you. Overall. And embarrassed that you have turned into the white people you can’t stand. Black black blackety black. And acting like straight heathens.

Like a bunch of children who need to be told how to behave.

People have lives, beyond your trash. You can’t create anything off your own lives cuz what would you rap about? HIV spreading, prostitution, you cars, the money in your bank account, how many dicks you sucked?

Get your shit together. Create off your own horrible lives. And make sure you leave me and mines alone. Bravest man in the culture is a 27 year old young man, who was just born when this shit started. And has been permanently affected by you hoes. Who thought it was cute to be hoes following the lead of some ass backwards patriarchal trash nigga poet. Who, just talked a lot of shit about blackness but stuck his dick in everything.

No love. Just hoeing.

If it don’t have LOVE attached to it. You can keep that shit. I been known that you can have all the money, a name, and some fame, on the planet. If you don’t have love. You have absolutely nothing. I don’t want no online fake love from some strangers I don’t know. Not interested in that shit at all. Don’t care how good you look. How much money you have. What you can buy me. Nothing.

I’m only interested in close friends and family. The people who have been a part of my life who actually know me. A few heads in ATL. And my man. YG.

No new friends. At all. I do not trust you. I do not even — like — most of you. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. I think you’re trash. And it’s — all — character. Race has nothing to do with it.

So you can save that trust black woman bullshit. I don’t trust anybody who don’t role for me like I role for them. You ain’t got no loyalty? Get your hoe ass steppin.

Have a good evening. I’m so exhausted? I came home and crashed.

If you in LA? Make sure you buy tickets.

This nigga boogie’s soul’s on sale…I mean, tickets on sale now. Lol! To see great artists rip this shit up. Make sure you support the righteous in our culture. Keep the hoes in the slavery they chose. New generation in hip hop. Get hip. Or hop the fuck off.

I’m going back to bed. Have a great evening.

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