CNN poll “84% of working class white people say that the gov’t? Doesn’t represent their views”

So, a lot of those folks are gonna vote for Donald Trump because anything is better than status quo politics as usual. No matter the color.

I’m convinced that if blk people start saying all lives matter. And white people start saying black lives matter?

We’ll have a real revolution in America. That represents everyone.

Words, are powerful tools. People who feel disenfranchised will usually flock to a group. Black or White. It feels safe. It isn’t always. Be colorblind in justice. Find people who share your sentiments. I think the DAPL folks are on the right track. Worldwide support — around a need that everyone, no matter the color, has —


I love seeing my white students with their black lives matter hashtag everything. When they asked, why do you say all lives matter? I said, as a blk woman, because you all matter to me.

Just something to think about.

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