I am so proud of my students. They were listening and learning. ☺️

I’m not a heathen. I just don’t believe in the monotheistic religions. I believe in some of the cultural practices surrounding them?

But I am a much bigger fan of philosophers and knowledge of self. Like, knowing who you are, being honest about it and keeping your own book of life. Just couldn’t get down with that patriarchy in the teaching. I would argue with those dudes, daily.

“You are an earth.”

‘Nigga, you are on crack! I am a woman! Not some chic in your dumb ass harem! Ya’ll niggaz don’t even have a job! I have work study, a job at the gap, go to school, and have my own book of life that is thicker than that little piece of trash. All ya’ll do is sit on milk crates philosophizing and figuring how you gonna get some weed money. Don’t ask me for one penny! And don’t touch me! You are so disappointing!’


I don’t blog too much music from women artists I love. I want you to buy it. Like I do.

But, here’s what I’ve been listening to. On repeat. She dope!

(I have no intentions on “gettin over” homie. He is… 🍀🍀🍀🍀)

Anyway, love. That helps the most. I do not take love for granted.


And I’m looking very much forward to it. Hugging helps. Holding hands helps. Smiling helps. Being together quietly and peacefully helps. Kids. Help.

Restorative justice. Helps. Big time. It’s effective. And necessary. For many people’s healing. I don’t care about anybody selfish enough to think they can purposefully damage other people and act like they have not done it. And I don’t care what race they are.

No one knows this better than some heads from the hood.

Be wary, of everyone.

I don’t fuck with black women who do that shit. I’ve experienced it. I don’t fuck with it. You get treated no differently, by me, than a white woman who does the same thing. Out my space. ✌🏾️

Which makes me wonder…what is really white or black? Is it skin color, hair texture, eye color? Or…is it much more than that?

Always wary around white people i don’t know. lol Now, that has extended to black people as well. Paranoid. Because I watch white people do horrific shit and get supported by white people for doing it. I see black people supporting black people who do horrific shit. And people cheering it on because they’re black.

So I just keep my ass on the fringes. And only trust people based on their actions.

Race, unimportant.

This is a dope collection. Jessica Moore’s words when she retweeted it? “I do a good cover haha!!”


(Like I said, ya’ll act like there’s one filmmaker and one poet on the planet.


I assure you? You have been misinformed. Completely. Those hoes don’t write their own shit, they write yours. They don’t make original films. They steal people’s entire lives.

The only thing they need to create?

Restorative justice! And I ain’t moving from it. *shrug* I tried being diplomatic. I reached out to both those chics, privately. Which is my usual, m.o. I am a serious introvert. Don’t like running my mouth on a stage at all. Not my character.

This shit? Is out of my comfort zone. Totally. I am not a public person. At all. But I knew that if I did not “speak” up? it would continue. Massive abuse. And I couldn’t allow it. On behalf of the MANY people who have been affected.

So, shit’s ending. You don’t even have to thank me. I didn’t do it for you. I did it for super marginalized people who no one ever sees. And who ya’ll don’t give a fuck about.

I do! I care about those people — a lot! Because I’m not a cold hearted sociopathic whore!! who will do anything for the money. I will not do shit I feel is incorrect to make money. I don’t want any money for this.

I have a job for that. 2 of them. This is about morality, principles, caring, love! — and the correct way human beings should be treated.

And, I stand by it.)

Listen bitch!! Ain’t no “angels” comin to save yo ass.


This chic is a total coo coo comedy sketch!!

Jessica Moore…take the pigeon feathers out your hair. And wake the fuck up!! This shit is really bad. And you thought it was all some big fuckin joke for your capitalist hoe moment profits. Talkin bout you wanna pack poetry readings with rooms full of kids.

I don’t fuckin think so! You ain’t goin near nobody else’s kids! Hoe!!

You goin straight to face the people you’ve taken advantage of. Used and abused for many years. I’m all set. I’m my own damn angel. I save myself. With help from a few good people.

“Atlanta” is not saving you. Those are slave labor job black people. They don’t know nothin about sippin no bougie ass tea in the French cafe in hooker heels and a popped cherries around the world dress.



Bullies are the biggest cowards. Never fails. Soon as you let them know, uh uh. I don’t think so… they all: police! FBI! I don’t have any idea who she is!

You will when I beat your ass though. Now won’t you? Jessica Moore and Dream Hampton. Take that shit to Newark. And go try that shit in the hood. See what happens to your hoe moment asses.

Nothing good. (Which is why they scared to go. Talkin bout, “I’m going to be abroad” 😒 I don’t have those problems. I will come straight to your crib and speak to your mama. And ask, quite politely and respectfully. Where is he? Not to apologize for shit I ain’t do. To beat that niggaz ass as well. And then give him a hug cuz I know he’s all fucked up, and, I know what those hoes!! have done to contribute to it.

I ain’t defending those skank bitches for 2 seconds!! Ya’ll can be the suckers who do that shit. Couldn’t be me. And if that was your son? You’d beat the living shit out of them as well. So get to steppin with that hypocritical nonsense!!)

My fam is well aware of what’s going on. They leaving me be. While I write right through it. Reading. My friends are aware as well. They also like, She doing the right thing.

I’ll be back. They know that as well. And they can call me — whenever they choose. And do. They know how I role. Thick and thin. Since long before anyone even had cell phones. Let alone, social media to find friends. I don’t have any new twitter friends. I’ve never been on that platform to write a single word. Ya’ll mofos in your twitter cult don’t like me. For telling the truth. You’d rather have “art” and talk about marginalized people and our struggles. Like we don’t even exist. While supporting the “artists” abusing us.

Like there are only two artists on the entire planet. Ridiculous. *shrug*

And guess what? I don’t give a fuck. Be mad all you want. I understand that you mad cuz they played you. Don’t be mad at the messenger. They tried to play me as well. Before twitter even existed. And I didn’t even know those hoes did!! Existed, that is.

Turns out, everybody knows they exist. And like, 75% of people in hip hop have hit it. They like, had more hoe moments than these niggaz have. And you mad, cuz they say black only?

I assure you. They’ve had the United Nations in those stank panties. Lol!

(I’m pretty sure I’ll have tough moments again. I’m human. I don’t plan on ever going to the depths of the hell I was in 4 years ago. It was the worst emotional torture I have ever experienced. All set with that trash ass nastiness!!

Restorative justice!)

YG has not fucked Jessica Moore or Dream Hampton (she was really tryin 2. Dream Hampton was. I peeped that whole subliminal meet me at the airport, bullshit!! On some other niggaz dime. 😒 Still tryna fuck every man I’ve ever given a fuck about? You 2 Naaaaaaasty HOES!!)

Newark International! LAX? chillin with that trash!!)

It is a fuckin miracle! Praise Jesus! Lmao!


(Like searching for a needle in a damn haystack! Lmmfao!)

People choose fast food cuz it’s easier than making your own food. If you work 3 jobs. And can’t be bothered with cooking only for yourself.

Or, if you ain’t homeless. With no place to cook it.

(I’m aware of why you made your film. I’m a big fan of your films. What I’m not quite clear on is why you’re supporting a sociopath who writes her child’s poems. Lies, cheats, steals, stalks, and bullies. And who intentionally keeps her son away from his dad? You know, as a father. A very good father.

Please don’t tell me you fucked her as well. Damn yo!! Is there any man in hip hop who has not fucked Jessica Moore or Dream Hampton? Smmfh.)

ALL students benefit from having teachers of color.

“Where’s the professor?”







Tell me which person is a white Irish American in this pic?

Isn’t he adorable! He was so mad at me! Lol “You’re in college? You look like a baby!” Very quiet. He didn’t say much. Headphones around his neck. Baggy jeans. Very respectful. And polite. Nice kid.

The answer is no. Jessica Moore’s son did not write those poems. She did.

And far more important than him turning into a mini her. Learning that lying, cheating, stealing and bullying people more marginalized than himself is the way to be successful?

He deserves his father.

I support that. And his right to be a child who is not constantly catering to his mother’s idea of who she wants him to be.

I’m sure if you ask him what he wants to be? He has his own ideas. A good parent? Encourages that.

And so do good teachers.

I am not donating one red penny to that “enterprise”. She using him to make money for herself. Cuz she does not want to get a job.

Jessica Moore is a seriously fucked up human being who needs serious mental health help.

I stand behind her son’s right to be himself. And have both his parents.

That is it.

The T can share my mom and auntie if she wants. I’m so sorry T. 😢 I feel you. I get really sad around Mother’s Day as well. Since my biological mom passed away. And I never really got the chance to know her.

Maybe you can go chill with your dad, and help him in his garden? It’s obvious he did an excellent job raising you. Since you take zero shit from men. 😜😎

Big hug to your awesome — dad!

(Grief is horrible. It smacks you right in your face. And it is not a process that ends. You just learn how to live with it. Some days are better than others. And you try your best not to let it keep you — from loving. As much and as hard as you can. Without drowning. You’re useful to no one if you can’t help yourself. And everyone, needs help. No one is superman/superwoman. Support people who love you back. And, have your back. It helps. I’ll light a candle for your mom. Much love!)

Throwback! Much love Heavy D!

I don’t know what rap ya’ll were listening to? But I didn’t think these dudes were hoes. I could not figure out what happened…like post 1994? All of a sudden we all bitches and hoes? What happened to the diversity of representations regarding women?

Now, I know. 😒 straight to *the source* and “I hate hip hop”.

Well, the majority of people don’t so, tough. Go play some techno. It’s a free country. You can listen to the music of your choosing.

Isn’t it great you aren’t stuck in a place where music is forbidden? I’d be killin those ISIL niggaz as well. And I will be sending loot, tomorrow, to support that effort. If you don’t want to listen to good women? You don’t want to sit down and have a conversation? Fuck it. You ain’t oppressing us no more!!

Like, I don’t think so — hoe!! Lol!


Thank you for helping Jessica Moore find a job. 1st step in restorative justice. Dream need one as well. 7/11? I would say the mail room in city hall. But you can’t trust that chic not to go through other people’s shit.

I think you gotta be super selective who you bring your kids around. If you know the chics a hoe, who lies cheats steals and dogs men — for no reason. And you don’t even know who the chic really is? Is that your damn face or isn’t it? Lol! Probably don’t want to bring your kids around.

If the chic is super selective, supports men, women, and children. And actually has a fairly long track record of working with kids? And a cori check. And recommendations for her work with kids? And this is actually her face and body?

You’ll probably be okay. Not on no first date. Not on no second. Not on no third. Um, we have to get to know each other? In person? Lol

Maybe at ya mamas house. That’s a good place to meet a man’s kid. At her nana’s. Lol!

(And hell yeah I have gray hair. People think I colored it to be that way, because it doesn’t match my face! Lol but, I henna it.)

(Roach motels! Lucky ya’ll. My dad couldn’t even afford those when I was little. So, he just sprinkled boric acid around the corners of the room, and warned me not to touch it. Lol! I listened. Cuz I didn’t want no ass whoopin.)

You probably safe to bring your kids around her. Lol Definitely not on the first date. Maybe at the family dinner after ya’ll have spent your own time together.

I discuss foul people. I discuss significant events. And I’m very creative. I have plenty of ideas. I will PRIVATELY share. Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. Will never capitalize on any of them — ever again. For their super capitalist, use and abuse of hip hop, hoe!! moment profits. And they ain’t making no films about or writing no poetry about my life.

I will sue them. Take all that stolen money. And give it back to the men they stole it from. Minus lawyer fees. Lol

“Bitch get a job, from me you won’t rob, cuz I’ll smack you with a hose filled with sand…” — name those creators!

“You fragile” — Talib.

I ain’t fragile. I’m very sensitive. And very loving. And super — gentle.

And I have no problems showing any of this. Face — to — face.

With the correct person. And he looks like this:

Something about him reminds me, of my dad. Lol! Maybe cuz my dad is kind, and sensitive, and gentle, and handsome, and BLACK! as well

And you do not want to fuck with him? Either.

(My cuz is so funny! “The man himself”…it’s a self portrait.)

King Thomas Moore did not write those poems. His sociopathic hoe moment “mommy” — Jessica “care 😒” Moore, did.

I ain’t giving that little kid a dime. Unless she “reaches out” for a first class ticket for him to see his dad. For the very first time.

Since he was 1.


If you a black man, Talib. Who threatens and oppresses any woman who has a difference of opinion, isn’t a sex worker, and who will not give you any pussy — ever.

Black and Brown women do not notice the difference between you and a Nazi.

You both destroy us. We don’t rank those oppressions. Mr. “Gangsta Rapper”.


(Gangstas don’t even give a fuck. You have zero credibility as a “gangsta”

“Nobody listens to that nigga, but you!”


They like, we know that nigga ain’t gangsta. He never even got an ass whoopin as a kid. Busy sitting up there telling everybody to come see him. Yeah, whatever dude. Whatchu gonna do, get Jessica Moore to help you? That hoe!! gonna threaten me with the police and FBI. And then your whole “social justice activist” movement has just been exposed. For the frauds, that you and that entire crew — are!!

Ugh! I need to take a shower. I feel dirty. Just thinking about all that semen and vaginal fluid just spread between these same hip hop hoe moment men and women. *gag*


Thank you for seeing some super talented musicians on SoundCloud. Super marginalized! From all walks of life. All races — as well. They been waiting for Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore for — years. Both hoes!! Are aware of this.

I tried. They rejected me. They realize, I didn’t do anything. But love. Very much.

I care!

Restorative justice!

(Love ya’ll! Stay up!)

(It was YG…while I was so sick. Writing all over tracks on SoundCloud. While those 2 hoes — laughed — on twitter. After I had already reached out to them — looking for help once I realized how bad it was.

Who stepped up. Like a man.

I’m not interested in hearing anybody generalizing about men.

Some are trash!!

Some are emperors!


Just like women.

Hoe moment hip hop trash!!


I’m not opening my mouth. Safe space only. I will open my mouth with someone who gives a fuck about me. Really. Blunt. To the point. No twitter games.

I have no problem with you homie. None at all. I don’t have problems with gay men, trans men/women, lesbians, bisexual people, asexual people. I like everybody. Based on character.

I don’t care who you decide to be or love. That is your damn business. I support it.

I just don’t share my man. I think that this trash about having to share your man, as a woman, with everyone? Is some bullshit!! I think it is the oppression of women. And I don’t play that. Never have. I’ll take the L before you treat me, or any other woman, like a dispensable pigeon brained hoe!!

I, think you’re awesome. I, dig you. It’s Dream Hampton who has the problem with you homie. Not me. Need proof?


I was shocked by how she came at you. Not no more. Dream Hampton don’t like men. She wants you all — dead.

I don’t. I love men. I think most of ya’ll are flawed humans. Just like women. And I have no desire to lie on, cheat on, or steal from my man. I don’t want 5 broken-hearted and bankrupt husbands, either. Who are not permitted to have relationships with their own children.

Not that kind of woman.

I’m a one man woman. Period.

And I will be treated the same way.

Anyway, back to the focus. Restorative justice. For the very REAL trash!! Dream Hampton, Jessica Moore and anyone who supports their abuse — has done. To innocent humans. Over a very mentally ill man. You will make restorative justice. No one gives a fuck about your coopted “art”. On the backs of people who slave labor — not fuck — for everything we’ve got.

And men are learning the difference. Oh yes, you will learn ( younger men seem to be doing a much better job with this. Generally speaking.) Between

1) women who WORK!

2) And women who hoe!!

Niggaz do care. They just tired of women who think they are too good to say hello. Demand that they hand over their money. And complain about them all day, and all night long.

What do you think boys turn into? Men, like your dads? The same exact men that you dog, all the time. For what reason? I cannot figure out. When’s the last time some man abused you, lied to you, stole your money, and dumped you?

Never. You don’t even like men? Unless their trans men or gay men. Doesn’t mean you have to dog men who like women. Like you! Stay by your damn self. Lonely, in your house! (I’ll come visit! With groceries! I don’t play that contribute nothing crap. I’ll even help you make “snacks”? Lol!)

You ARE a good person! A very intelligent and beautiful woman as well. You just deal with 2 much trash!! From those evil people on twitter. I can’t stand what these hoes have done to you. They are the not good people. A couple hip hop hoes!! Fuckin up everyone’s lives.

“Bitch sit down. Be humble.” — YG!


This will make you laugh! We already gotta beach in Boston called Malibu! I drive past it like, 3 times a week! I just took this pic of it as well! Black and Brown people are allowed! For free! Lmmfao!

In the hood! Lol

I’m headed to the other hood. On the pacific coast! Malibu west coast! Venice! Long Beach? Is that a real beach? 😒 Lol!

Show me proof that your kid wrote those poems. Otherwise, it’s a — Thomas — fund to find his father! 😡

(And don’t you try that subliminal twitter…imma fuck Erica’s father — trash!!

First, my father raised me not to be a hoe!! What makes you think he would fuck a hoe? Lmao!

First, you really don’t know my mother. She is not the Scorpio to mess with. At all.

First, my parents are very happy together. They don’t need your help. Thank you. But I think they have their own relationship? Under control. For like, the last 40 years. Lmao! My father actually listens to my mother. Because she’s the one with the “very good brain”. My whole family would come to a crashing halt if we left it up to the men in it to do any damn thing, by themselves.


It’s not over. Restorative justice! (And not for me. This has nothing to do with me personally. This has to do with many other people. I’m standing with them!)

Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore (and any other people supporting their sociopathic abusive asses) — after Newark where you will apologize. And where you will beg for forgiveness ( cuz your dumb ass — ”Dreamy” — tweeting some now erased trash about how the brexit is not much better but is better than the dollar. Thinking just cuz you can leave, haha!! at all the black and brown people gotta deal with what your stank jealous ass created. mind your fuckin business. No one writing to you? Ain’t for your sloppy ass. [This ain’t “art” hoe!!] And Jessica Moore, off in Jamaica, pretending she’s ever even gotten her hands dirty in a garden lmao!…ya’ll ain’t leaving America to go dump your shit on other people. Thought you loved Detroit so much? What happened to that?) — will perform restorative justice!

1) slave labor jobs

2) mental health treatment

3) call your baby daddies

4) turn in your firearms

5) never, ever, fuck with another person’s partner again

6) repeat, for the rest of your lives

7) have an excellent day! Smiling, naturally, at a wide diversity of human beings! No pictures needed!

And this is ART! All original art!

(Mary gotta man? Does she want one? There’s this really nice mayor…lol!)

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