It’s okay Paul Ryan. We know it’s not your fault. This was not created by you. You are in a tough position. And you are an honorable man.

This was created by Dream Hampton. The 1st woman to begin her spread of HIV through hip hop. It is why so many of you are infected. Whether you can admit it or not.

She wanted the end of “America”. Because of a black jobless hoe moment “Jesus”. Who don’t do shit for anyone. But stick his dick in everyone. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with that lifestyle. I know, because I have a schizophrenic uncle, who is in love with his one wife only. And has been monogamously married to her?

For 30 years.

Dream Hampton is Ahi Baraka’s side hoe. nothing “Black Jesus” about him. That would be the Somali American Rasta ex. Who recognizes his wrongs. And does not move from his wife’s side. For no hoes. In hip hop.

Sanctuary cities will fight on our own.

And collectively.

I got an educator on my side. Ras Baraka. I support him. And all the undocumented in his city and cities across America.

Thank you. I still support you. I know what a very good man you are.


Anthem for the hip hop hoes, more worried about themselves. And an appearance of good. But who’s lifestyles?


Good thing I’m coming to Compton. Isn’t it. Because. We are stopping an epidemic. That has no cure. HIV has no cure. It’s not some glamorous shit to make money off of.

It is the most horrid thing I’ve ever seen a human being go through.

Worse than environmental. cancer. And since none of ya’ll are willing to get your hands dirty.

Or care, about undocumented children. Who outnumber black Americans btw. And maybe that’s why. Because the most vulnerable children in this country, aren’t black only.

And the demographics of this country are changing. It’s getting browner. Not blacker, not whiter.


I’ll clean up your shit. 4 you.

I’m righteous like that. And I got an excellent man for support.

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