Still arguing over statues. Like anyone gives a fuck. But people who make money talking about Statues.

Ben Shapiro is correct!

As if a statue is the same thing as a man murdered by the police.

I truly don’t give a fuck about statues. People should not be dying over statues.

“I never let a statue tell me how nice I am.” Tribe Called Quest. Phife, specifically.

And neither should YG. Best rap song of 2016. FDT parts 1 and 2.

That was the most creative shit I’ve seen in hip hop — in 20 years. And it was super intersectional. And diverse. He had everyone. Black, White, and “Mexican”.

Thank you for doing that for me love.

I love you. So much!



Look Mo Browne. Mediocrity.

Seems to be a common problem in that crew. Lies.

Good thing I cut and paste/screenshot and add to the thread.

Look Mo Browne. Killing black people maybe?

I think he’s mad cuz he has a small dick. And cheats on his wife.


Why would you drive your car through a block party?

Why is a gun needed for a block party?

I know. Hip Hop. He can’t stand it.

Exactly. And I was so passionate about this American tragedy. I spent the entire semester of Freshman English, teaching it. And kids were like, wow! We see the connections! To us! And we’re — white!

What have you ever taught, Shaun King?

Nothing. You just steal. And put 68 million people’s lives in danger. Cuz you know. Your ass can’t be trusted. You’re not black.

You make money off our deaths.

The end of the world isn’t coming. Hopefully. Like your homegirl “dreamy” wanted it to.

But maybe the end of your life. And 25 year reign of terror. Will.

You’re a “terrorist in disguise. Fire the bush.” — fiyah family

I can’t believe this hoe’s actually performing at a black college. The one I attended. Lol They have no clue about her spreading HIV, globally, for 25 years. And Talib. Supports it. Which is why Jay Z don’t fuck wit him.

Nothing. Let you keep doing what you do. Fuckin the biggest whore in hip hop. No one else wants to fuck her. Somebody gotta have orgies with her. Just keep it in your crew.

Correct. Black Star sucks. You and Mos Def are better as independent artists. Your best work was with Hi Tek. Who is super dope!

Ever since then, it’s been a bunch of bullshit lies. That’s what happens when you pick a hoe over your wife.

I can’t stand black star. It’s mediocrity at its finest. And that’s my opinion. Never purchased it. Never will.

Oh No. with Mos, Nate Dogg, and the Mighty Pharoahe was a far better collab on one trak. Than everything you have together. In my opinion.

Which you, obviously, value. 😒 except when it comes to hoes. *shrug*

Ya fuckin wit my money. Ciao. Hoe.

Anyway, YG wouldn’t fuck ya’ll if you even had 4hunnid to pay him. Big difference between getting your heart broken and losing control. Like fuck it. I’m already caught up.

And fucking with a hoe. Who has a man she infected with HIV. And he doesn’t even know. “Feminista” crazy hoe!!

That’s not feminism. That’s premeditated murder.

I hope this has scared every young person in hip hop enough that they like damn! Thank you Ms. M! For putting your life on the line to teach us to use condoms!

I love ya’ll. I don’t want you harmed by predators. Or the police.

I have to go back to work. I’m losing money. That I need, to eat.

I was being facetious hoe. RIP to pansexual black women who cheat on their boyfriends who don’t know they have HIV because they are not on social media, with white men they ask black people for money from — on social media — who they also infect with HIV (so much for black only, just not for your pussy), for abortions they can’t afford not because they were in love with a hoe, and said no, but because abortion is now birth control, and steal from marginalized black women to get drunk and pop pills. Like the sociopath you are. Ti-Ti. The hoe.

Which my bestie? Is not.

It’s amazing what people will do for money. You condemn supply and demand capitalism. So you make money off black and brown people being murdered by the police instead.

No brainer. For me. I like sensible capitalism better.

Teach that. Love for your people. No money needed.

So am I. Dismantle Black Lives Matter. Every time a black person is murdered. You make money.

Please don’t insult me. I have excellent evals. Dealing with what I’ve dealt with for 5 years? You’d be a vegetable. I’m one of the strongest black women you know. Respect that I bring that to my classroom.

And you’re making money as a “social justice activist” for black lives matter. Which Shaun King is a part of. Who you don’t even know. You know me. And I harm nobody. But he tried.

68 MILLION people. Fuck my life! Who cares! 68 Million people? Can you get that through your head? 😠

There’s no money to be made off Black Death in Massachusetts. So black lives matter seeks out places where black people are murdered, regularly.

He had body cameras blocked in the state of Massachusetts. Along with a lot of other trash he’s done. With his fake charities.

He’s an evil human being. Who’s been doing this shit for many years. He’s not reformed. He’s still stealing ideas. “Soul Snatchers” comes from Ahi’s SoundCloud page. Who steals from their own brother?

I don’t have a fake charity that supports me. Mo Browne. I have a job. 2 of them. Teaching. And pizza delivery. Where I donate my own money. To other human beings.

Can we see receipts of any donations you’ve made to anyone at all this year? Because mine are in the thousands. Which is why I’m giving no more money. I’m poor. You can handle it. Organize your people. People need food in Houston. Can’t eat poems. 😒

You knew about this trash all along. It’s painful. But it’s cool. Followers follow. Leaders lead.

It’s hard to celebrate people who have no problems with harming black men. Everything isn’t a poem. Or art. Poetry is beautiful. I’m an excellent poet. First application to Cave Canem. I just don’t read in unsafe spaces. With predators who want to fuck you. And when you tell them no. Threaten to destroy your career in poetry. Which is how so many young women became HIV positive. Preyed upon by nasty old patriarchal black men.

And you have some nerve saying anything about my teaching. When really, you and black twitter have conspired to abuse me. Affecting my teaching. You should know better. It was a really bad idea. That’s why you did not respond when I reached out to you. Cuz you’re part of it.

Explain that to your daughter. And keep her out of this trash. She’s innocent.

And I care more about her. And have no desire to see her become HIV positive. It’s not some glamorous shit to deal with.

Have you ever taken care of a person with AIDS?


Okay then. 🤐

I’ve already explained myself. Stay away from the hoe. From Dearborn. Jessica “care” Moore.

Stay the fuck away from my life. The lives of people I love and have loved. Past present future. And my fam.

One blood. You’re not welcome.

Fuckin whore!!

I have zero problems with the hood I STILL LIVE IN. Ya little hiv infecting whore!! Killing black men! 😡 fuck outta here skank trash bitch!!

Hood hoe!! Hungry! I emulate no one but myself. And my life. And my experiences. And those are mixed black girls. Like me. Puerto Rican. And Dominican.

Look who’s fat and sitting. Look who isn’t. And moving. Lmmfao!

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