jeff sessions has committed a lot of evil!! a lot, a lot, of evol!!

i’m not exactly sure what that dude is trying to do? redeem himself? or, commit more evol?!

but he likes a bucolic image of fields of wheat. i'm presuming, the organic non gmo kind? since that’s what the “make america great” had (i can’t “speak” for the “again”, i ain’t never — ever — thought america’s been great!! americans, of all colors, the masses? have been fuckin struggling since the very fuckin beginning!) (farmers — of all colors! not some weird ass super capitalist corporation — that puts farmers out of business!!)

and if he wants to take on monsanto and walmart, and lock up abusive ass hoe moment hip hop men and women? while righteous BLACK women suffer and struggle?

i have nothing to “say”.

and i am not supporting ford, on no fuckin stage, talking about some fake “detroit is the home of the american imagination”.


jessica care less? you have no fuckin imagination!! which is why you steal, mine! HOE MOMENT HIP HOP CHIC!! DON’T EVER LINK ME WITH THAT TRASH!!

until ford? gets on some Tesla living! FUCK YOU!! ya’ll have some fuckin nerve!! polluting the entire planet — when you know damn fuckin well — how not to do it!

(has donald trump issued his apology or tried to make any form of restorative justice to those young, innocent, children! — black men now! — the “Central Park Five”?! yet?! get fuckin crackin! you abusive ass piece of shit!! i already told you?! private room! at a Black owned and operated soul food restaurant! all the fuckin fried chicken you could want! the BEST fried chicken! lmao! you say “i am sorry!! i was wrong!! for calling you guilty of a crime you did not commit! taking out a full page ad in the New York Times [which, he is furious at. for allowing him to commit such a reckless act of injustice!!] calling for your murders!! — without any fuckin form of due process!! what can I do — i owe you! — to help you? *the rage!*)

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