Jessica Care Less thinks people who are conservative with their money, and love the earth and want it protected are republicans who are part of the KKK.

What do you think? (I agree, there probably are some republican kkk members. I’m pretty sure there are some democratic kkk members as well.)

Like I said — my mind is not locked by a political party. Historically? Two sides of the same evil coin.

(But regular black people were doing better post slavery, during reconstruction, than we seem to be doing now. At least, those of us with slave labor jobs. Idk. If the republicans are trying to end poverty? Logically. Taking into consideration people’s differences, and with an ABSOLUTE SOCIAL SAFETY NET — every civilized society takes care of those who need help/cannot care for themselves — I’m down to end poverty.

That would mean, taking into consideration living expenses and inflation? At least a 20 dollar minimum wage.

I’m thinking of those peeps who would rather not get a raise, because that extra 50 bucks a week? Means less food stamps. No health insurance. Can’t stay in hud housing — and can’t afford market rate. This is a real reality. Meant to keep people in poverty.)

I’m solution oriented. How is your plan going to benefit everybody, fairly and equally?

— regular blk, bipolar, slave labor job, working woman.