jessica Care moore (does not care about hip hop — “these hoes chase bread all day. she got a bird brain”. biggest hoe in hip hop!! — not bipolar. and not that creative.)

she will always be the biggest hoe moment chic in hip hop!! she’s fucked many men, in and outside the industry. and i care not? that she is no longer trying to break up my Somali ex’s marriage. Who she does not know. And who she never loved. He has a wife. And a happy family. And I’m very glad that he is smart enough not to be fooled by some hoe moment pussy. And that’s because? I was his girlfriend, a very good teacher, and he knows better than to disrespect any women. Or I would find him, along with his wife, and Somali sisters, and beat the living shit out of him. The pain he caused me? Was enough.

She has had five husbands. Jessica “Care” Moore. And she has a son who has not seen his father, who does pay child support, since he was 1. Because she is an evil sociopath. Who, when she does not get her way, acts like the pigeon brained bitch that she is. Ras Baraka can attest to this fact. Since, she was fucking Talib Kweli — the married rapper — when she was married to him (and probably still does suck his dick on command lmao! because Talib, the “scholar”, is a “conscious” rapper with more hoe moments than the dudes who have a shitload of girls in their videos. In actual real life. And I hope he changes his ways and becomes a better man since his wife is a beautiful woman, and deserves to be respected. And, since she doesn’t treat him like shit, it’s the opposite. And it’s because he is influenced, negatively, by the biggest hoe moment woman in hip hop. Jessica Care Moore.)

I am still very interested in the lawsuit against her. For: Black Women Rock. Since, she’s mixed. And just discovered it. lmao!!!!!!!

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