jessica — hoe moment chic!!

don’t you ever, ever, say another word — about barron trump! again! that child is a child on the spectrum! he is not responsible for his father’s actions!!

and you have some fuckin nerve — you “stupid ass bitch”!!— attacking any child!! when, you crying to the teacher about how scared you were cuz your child bumped his head! and he is the one who is hurting! with no fuckin dad!

*I strongly dislike this hoe!!*

i don’t give a fuck what these black only mixed hoes think is righteous!!

i love you barron trump! you are not the problem!!

(i have a strong desire to lock donald trump up!! under the fuckin prison!! with jessica “care” moore!! and “dream” hampton!! so he can rape all the fuckin hoe moment pussy that he wants!! lmao!)