kanye west

yo kanye? listen to this dude! lmao!

is not crazy. he’s manic. very. i don’t think kanye’s on anything but pain. and you certainly don’t do a good job of supporting him!

i don’t find it funny. at all. snoop?! you should be supporting him! how you gonna just say “this nigga’s crazy” and act like you’re somehow removed from him, cuz you like marijuana?! he’s not on anything. he’s in pain and he feels like no one hears him!

when someone is having a mental health crises? you don’t back away from them and leave them in isolation! you reach out to them! what’s wrong with you people!!!

i understand kanye. and he’s braver than most of you are. for sure. leave him alone. stop attacking him. i just went through that shit for 3 years straight. no one could see what was happening…so i kept writing writing writing. tryna get with my ex’s and shit. breaking up people’s relationships. they. would. not. stop. vampire women. tryna come after your life and shit. like you don’t already OWN it. ALL of it.

ya’ll pick the good parts that you like about kanye, then when something that you can’t handle, comes out of him? you start talking shit and acting like he’s trash. he isn’t. he’s not doing well right now. if you’re not helping him? leave him alone.

he needs a stint here. maybe a week or two.

kanye has more talent, and creativity, and progressive thinking than most of ya’ll black only’s have in a hangnail on your pinkie. go away. lol and i’m gonna remember every last one of you talkin smack. when he makes his comeback, which if you haven’t yet noticed? he always does. lmao!