kanye west — bipolar (super creative. and super empathetic, and kind. thank you kanye and kim!)

even though i do not know you. and i would not try and slam you on twitter (like dream hampton did, which she erased — very quickly lol). i appreciate you talking to donald trump about education, black on black crime in Chicago, and supporting teachers. among other things.

i think you are a very brave man, with a lot of compassion for people with mental differences — because you are bipolar, and super creative (which dream hampton does not have, compassion that is. since she abandoned my ex, made a video about him, and has stalked me? for 20 years. with not so much as an apology for all the pain she has caused to other people.)

you have a beautiful mixed family. and you should stick with your supportive wife and beautiful children. do not have any hoe moments with dream hampton (the 2nd biggest hoe moment chic, in hip hop. ask beyoncé lol)

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