keep moving…with people who know you vs. internet strangers who think they know you. Unbreakable 1💜😂 I said, you’re really hurting, and your anger is misdirected. And what I write, comes from me. You inspired me to keep going. And I wish I could drop loot on you for it. Get well. It’s tough, but it’s doable. 😘 Forgiveness, and unity, are essential. I won’t be telling anybody who to vote for. I tried that…JILL lol, to no avail. And I’m having trouble deciding between Hillary, Jill, or just not voting at all. Dubois makes me feel better about the latter. But I know where my heart is — on the reformist jew. Green Party platform. But poor Bernie. The Indy. This is what he gets for supporting black folks who wouldn’t support him. If I were him? I’d be PISSED! Illegal activity at the polls, systematic voter disenfranchisement, and black people voting against our own self interests. I really think it’s as basic to some as. Black man! Next up? A Woman! Which does not = blk woman Lol Sometimes I think we like being oppressed. Smh. I like freedom. And I empathize Bernie. Keep movin…

always. one foot in front of the other. whatever your struggle? don’t stop moving. i’m gonna write right through the pain, till i get to the other side. And I hope you too find a love that causes no pain. Just love. The simple kind that you won’t find online. Take it from me, when I was being shitted on? I wrote my heart out, literally, looking for just that. Not sex, not money. An acknowledgement that I am a human being. Big mistake. I have no idea what keywords you’re talking about. I write, from my heart. So if someone is sending you emails with keywords? That IS someone else. People will take your words, and use them for themselves. It must be exhausting to have to block block block. I empathize with that too. You have to forgive people who abuse you. Not for them, for YOU. Stay up!

forward. there is no looking back. 43. 5 years of this. si. una morena. thank goodness!

guitar. sometimes i need that too.

let’s start telling the whole truth folks. otherwise? we’re doomed. according to hip hop 84% of murders of black people in 1987? were committed by other black people. i can bet that number is higher now. stop it.

i’m going to bed ya’ll. it’s late. and i’m tired of defending myself. i ain’t blaming no one, but myself, for loving everybody.

but me.

(Trolls, let me make it clear. I payed no attention to Twitter or Instagram? Facebook, yes. Cuz peeps I KNOW are on there. Until I realized I and my students were being stalked — for years and years…you must have me confused with someone else. I currently only write, publically? On this one, and to support a few people I dig — on Instagram. Silence, is golden. If you get any kind of private message from me?! Feel blessed. I’m very introverted.)

(early morning teacher txts:)

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