“keep working, woman/why i don’t support women who try to break up marriages with that patriarchal ish”

you ever been with somebody

you love,

to the fullest. i mean, you will put your whole life on

pause, thinking

he’s the ONE!

just to support his collaboration, with


poetry coming left and right,

just rolling out and happy, like it will NEVER happen again! you got your own beat, queen quality, and you’re movin…you find ways to help him start a business, fund his project, kick in loot to pay his bills, and do everything he asks of you — but he just wants

more money?

nothing you do is enough. (never enough, NEVER love)

so he calls you crazy, cuz you’re sick — really — threatens you with the cops, disconnects his phone, tells you your liability ass ain’t no


and you don’t what’s happening…you’re so confused, about his…

deceit. is it him, or am i REALLY crazy

“it’s nothing. it’s all in your head…” (while he’s hittin it lol)

and then POOF —he just disappears

— black man.

hops, like a fuckin rabbit (he’s human, i assure you)

to the next chic. thinking,

THAT’S my ticket! my VICTORY! i will



DOWN! tells her what to wear (cover yourself!), makes her believe that HIS kids are more important

than her collective

luvbug movement.

does very very little while he travels, and waits for


who cares more than she did/i mean does (which is a lie)…

just to use,

and abuse.

tries to convince her, she ain’t shit —

without him, cuz she’s a

pale skinned redhead — for real — fiery flaming red hot


(and pretty wavy) —

she is


and so she believes it.

she gives up



that he built on (for a second time)

to become,

just what he said? (can you feel my heart breaking)



like me.


and nothing.

sad, and checking her phone…

just to see if he’ll call?

will. his. ass. even. come.



that’s why.

(disclaimer: i don’t want your man. i have my own. lol)

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