Life is Crazier Than Fiction….

When you decide? Bump tacos and a burrito tonight. Even though both are easier to eat while doing delivery? You want Nigerian.

You walk into the spot, and there she is. One of your old Somali students, and one of many children lol. “Seetahay!”

And you give her an abrazo muy fuerte. You ask her how her family is and, how school is going. She’s a senior this year. And school is “eh. hard.” Lol she’s taking mostly AP classes and she applied to UMASS Amherst. Her parents will let her go away if she gets in and gets enough money to attend. She’s worried. About her hijab, and what the kids are like there. And she doesn’t want to smile with her braces on. She’s getting them off in a month. Lol

You give her your phone # and your email. You let her know she’s going to need a support network. And you will link her with a diversity of women, of different colors, that you know and trust. She thanks you. And says that you were such a good teacher and that she’ll tell her parents’ hello for you. Then you gotta run, cuz you’re late for delivery. Constantly writing your way to freedom.

Your boyfriend sent you this too…because he knows you only have 8 supports on this site. Lmmfao! But he loves you. So he don’t care if no one ever has your back. He does. In real life — not online. And that’s all that really matters.

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