Blue! Lol! Swimmer!

Blue! Lol! Swimmer!


Oh, but it is. All natural. Swimming? Makeup weave wigs hooker heels tutus jeans boots. Trash!!

In water.

But Natural locks. Will help your balance. Floating. Twists don’t. Not relaxed enough.


Totally irrelevant. Trash!! Doesn’t do shit for you. In water.

Yes. Permanently. No more HIV spreading in hip hop. All hoes will be shot.

Send in FEMA. The majority of Americans do not know how to swim.

If you “jesus” I doubt it. 2 concerned wit stank fat booties and fuckin. 😒

we’ll see. Lol!

“Jesus” is definitely not an HIV infecting nigga. Fo sho.


Porky pig HIV infecting WHORE!! Wit a super fat nasty smelly ass. *gag* like you care about black people.


Swimmers up!

Don’t panic! It’s just the water — you floated in for 9 months!

Easy. It’s natural!

If you find yourself in deep water? Over your head. Enjoy it! Float. You do this by being comfortable in water. Turn on your back. Look at the sun. Don’t panic. Let your body relax. You will — naturally float — the more relaxed you are.

Take off jeans. They make it harder. Weigh you down. If you have breasts? Real ones. Silicone won’t help. Weigh you down.

They will help you float! Lol

Anything styrophome? Especially a cooler? Grab. It will help you. Anything that’s a balloon? You know? RIP ON THE STREET CORNER? Grab. It will help you.


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