Stop bombing the Palestinian people please! What the hell is wrong with ya’ll? 😳 Don’t you know the history of Jewish oppression? 🤬


Ya’ll are going to have to start behaving like mature adults. For people that look exactly the same to me? 😳 And are most definitely — related — from way back! Lol You are not acting appropriately. It is completely embarrassing. And people are — dying — for no reason.


I do not have an answer to your problem with each other. But I am well aware this is the beginning of a solution. Keep me out of religion. I cannot stand it:


Dinner together was a requirement in my family growing up. Daily. There were no electronics. Phone calls. TV. Or books at the table. I’m not sure it’s solely a black thing. I think it’s a family thing.

Hey Kelly! Dinner in that house was a requirement too. When I was over. Lol!

As you can see, obviously. We were all broke.


But we still ate. On the floor. And twisted the “family rules”. I grew up with. Because my parents? NEVER would have allowed me to play this.


Like this. I mean, we were tired of all the hoes.

We were over hoes? 28/29 years ago? 😳

Hi Marlon!


Good. Because that song was produced to diss me. For shit I have not done.

And Nicki Minaj is ghost. She got her money, her celebrity, and now she’s off to the next nigga.

And you have responsibilities to another innocent human being.

You support women who do not support you. They damage you. And then you wonder why the women who support you are so furious.

Let educated GOOD women deal with these chics.

That is correct.

Anees Musa, the autistic runner, finally got one of these. As a result of the incident at school.

I don’t like them. At all. But safety is more important. And his mother wanted it. Had been begging the school system to pay for it.

So if you do not listen? You’re going to need one as well. Your father does not want to see you on the internet, in Mexico, with a known murderer of autistic, non verbal — men.

Step 1:


My question is?


I know why for this:

Marijuana. And “disturbing the peace”. Doing dumb “boy shit”. 🙄 Completely unnecessary.

It’s not for sale. You don’t have enough money to buy human life. And I really hope that you don’t leave Lil 69 to fend for himself. I understand — completely — why you are angry with men.

But if you behave just like worst of them? It’s hard to have empathy for your position.

Nicki Minaj doesn’t have any need for love. She has a need for celebrity, money, and sex. That’s it.


I think of you as a human being.

Not a music machine.

Art is only as good as its integrity. If you have no integrity in the production of your art. You create a false reality that can be extremely damaging. Especially if you live that reality outside of art with no integrity.

How do you produce art? Do you produce it out of love? Or is art, the love?

In your case? Art is not enough.

It’s obvious. You are projecting your need for human love. Onto a dog:

But he is a human being. With feelings. So switching on and off is confusing. He’s not a game. Don’t treat him that way.

Completely understood. Projecting love onto an animal. The people who do that? Are the most evolved in the human species. They feel more:

No, thanks!

I’m not the woman who messed with your husband. I have never seen your husband in my entire life. I have no desire to see him.

When you have beef with a particular woman over her actions. You bring that up with that woman. You don’t project your anger, using me, to murder innocent human beings.

That’s between you, your husband, and his side hoe(s).

Baba: he doesn’t need to go to school. He’s rich! And not that intelligent! He just stares off into space!

And doesn’t — do — anything!

Doesn’t listen to anything we say. We just — cater — to him. Anything he wants? He can have! He’s a boy!

Boys will be boys!

Don’t tell me how to raise my son!




You do what you are told! 😐


Highly educated!

That is all.

Music is a privilege. You do not listen?

All the music your hoe moment ass will — ever — hear. And all the — art — you will ever experience.


Trust! And Believe!

I told you. You do not compromise your integrity. And you do not listen to hoes. I don’t care if the hoe is your mama. Doesn’t matter.

Thank you. For supporting the devils for your hoe moment money.

While BLACKA people are fighting just to —


Fuck outta here wit that bullshit! Patrol the hoes — yourselves — or let the police deal with them.

I don’t give a fuck!

Puerto Rico!


And? No “Red Sea Island” 😒

That is for vacation! 😐

I promise! You will not be in a “luxury” — prison!


I will — never — denounce my ethics and value system.

Not when it comes to the environment. And not when it comes to the intentional spread of hiv and STD’s.

I am a:

Keep it up. You WHORES!





No hoes allowed! Ever!

Go to school! Do the work!

And don’t you dare come near any other people. Spreading your std’s .

You — evil — ass — human beings!


Don’t you hoes — dare — call Ivanka Trump a white supremacist. “Nazi Barbie”. 🤬 Ever again! She is accountable for no one’s — actions — but her own. And she is already? Not happy! All she does is work. For free! And find ways to give back the money she makes. To women in need!

Counteracting her dad’s actions!


Me?: [same thing] 😐 [But? Hood. Lol!] Ivanka Trump is the nice white girl in private school who told me to stop fighting the bullies and come play Chinese jump rope and make friendship pins.

Me: Okay! That sounds so fun! You’re so nice to me!

Still Me:

I LOVE Ilhan Omar.

This traumatized me. I mean, especially considering all the Somali men — who drive cabs for a living. 😒

I was so concerned for her. And feeling isolated. In the House of Representatives.

Her face was so sad.


Like, I came through a heinous civil war. A real refugee. To become an — educated — American. And it’s no different. 😳

Me: 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

I was so upset. Like, please! Talk to Paul Ryan! 🤬 He is not a bad man! He would — never — condone you being harassed. That is not his style at all!

For what? Having your head covered? An accent? Being Muslim? Not — being a hoe? 😒

I don’t think so.


Nicki? I know you “hate” men. But he is going to need your support. In court.

As a woman who has been preyed upon? Your story will have significant weight.

He was — preyed upon — by Dream Hampton. The whore.

He — is not — a child molestor. At all. He made a — huge — mistake. Some 13 year old girl. With no parental supervision, and a fake ID. Rolled up in his DM’s. Lookin 18.

He is 21. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Oh well for that little bad ass girl. 😒


It’s okay! It is — not — your fault.

Anees Musa. Somali American. I was so scared of what his mother was going to say.

Me: I am so sorry! 😞

Her: He does it all the time. It’s not your fault. He does it to me too.

The cutest kid! What a charmer he was. Non verbal. Extremely intelligent.

The child that ran.


We were doing circle time. I had two teaching assistants. One of them was out of the room. With a kid at the bathroom. The other was there. 😒

There was a part of the activity, where I was teaching kids to turn around. My back was to the group. A whole 5 seconds. For the song.

He timed it.

He snuck out of the classroom. Made it through the entire school. Ran through the pool. And out the side door. All the way down the street. Because through the front door he would have been caught.

It took me 27 seconds. Tops. To notice he was missing.

We locked school down. Teams out searching. Police contacted — immediately. He was in the street. Twirling in traffic. Naked.

I have never been so afraid for a child’s life. To this day? I cry. Over how I could have allowed that to happen. 😞

Take her on a date. You pay. Tori. 😒

If she does any shady Beyoncé/Rihanna shit. Then you leave her ass right where she is. Don’t even speak. Because these women are very dangerous. They may call the police. Over something stupid. Like, wow! I didn’t realize you were kind of fat! Lol!

Let her pay. It’s my money anyway:

I will be. Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Dialogue between people who have different points of view is very important. It’s how you learn another person’s position, and to expand your own point of view. 😳

School? Lol!

I commend him. As a black man.

You need to stop confusing white supremacy with black and white people who are — against — the spread of hiv. There are plenty of us. We are not an anomaly.

And this may come as a surprise? But some of us are hiv positive.

(Look at his wife in this video. Like, he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do! 🤷🏾‍♀️)



I didn’t know that white supremacists behaved like this.

These are white supremacists to me:



When you have the best ideas you want to market to niggaz. But you ain’t gettin paid.

So? No.

And my stance on that word is hip hop related.

“You’re not any less of a man if you don’t pull the trigger; you’re not necessarily a man if you do.”

Thank you.

Who you are, internally?

Radiates, outwardly.

No need for a filter. Or makeup. Or photoshop. Whatever.

You always have to protect the vulnerable. Even if you are vulnerable as well. Sign of a true — woman.

Unfortunately for all hip hop hoes.

Hassan Jameel has not fucked any of ya’ll.

And his passport has been


You always listen.

To the — best — women.

Yes. We can go. You must?


Money. For art. And stickin with your one wife only. Who has always supported your creativity. On her money.


Always pay an uneducated crackhead hoe her worth.

She is a whore. A prostitute.

Who got 4hunnid on a fat GMO stinky booty?

4hunnid only!

Never pay more for lezz!

Know your worth!


The hoe back on

Thierry Henry.

Or this nigga. Who knows?



I will — never — understand why Kim quit her very high paying job in corporate.

After — graduating — from UPenn.

But? She wanted to do something different.

She is the best baker. I have ever seen in my life.

And I need a wedding cake.

For — less than — 50 people.

You already know. Kim. Since, me and titi were — not — supposed to go in her room. When she was away at school. UPenn. She was very mean. An introvert.

Wende was much nicer. So when we broke her — homemade yellow paint splattered stilettos. Playing in the park?

She just wanted to know. Who? Crazy glued the heel back on. 😒

She was the one wearing them. Not me:

He must be a Taurus.


Your titties are sloppy.


My dad has a wife. He can’t stand big mouth black women. If I even mention them he gets upset. His first wife was a tired ass uneducated bitch.

A high school dropout — hooker. Luckily for him. He escaped from her — ass. I asked him once.

Me: what was your first wife like?

Him: Erica, please…Don’t give me a headache. 😐

You are such a skank slut.

Is not hiv positive. 😳 and? He has a girlfriend. 😡

He is his? Best friend!



Good thing my dad has my mom.

The white woman.

Who has spent her entire life. Fighting — against — hiv. And — for — black and brown people.

Real reality:

Like mother, like daughter.

Mom: what was that girlfriend? 😐Nope. Stand on your own two feet.

(My mom is a serious — ocean — swimmer.

“I fuck wit rich white [GIRLS] in my hood. Jersey shore nigga” — outlawz

She is collectively responsible for her ocean swimming, as well.

Wende (Hampton), Judy (teacher, my mom was a teaching assistant in her classroom. During bussing. The Boston Public Schools), Kim (the woman who — really — graduated from


Feminista hoe? My ass.)

The best times of my life? Swimming with my bestie. Down the cape. Making my father upset. Because, he thought this? Was “calming classical” music. From the intro. Driving us down for our summertime fun!

Uh. No. 😒

Oh yeah. I forgot to add. She is a way better writer than you are.

Mo Browne.


A book a day.

Keeps the hoes away:


My man listens to me.

His dad/baba.

And his teacher.


I do not want no fat ass little pig. For a husband. I’m tired of ya’ll insecure black men. Disgusting! I work way too hard to keep my body in shape. Naturally.

He will do what he is — told to do — by his father. His teacher. And me. Until I arrive. Completely celibate. And cleansing his body of any extraneous hoe moment material.

No one wants a hoes — curse, not a blessing — on them:

And that is the way it is going to stay!


Listen Becky…

If you really cared about innocent black people being murdered by the police?

Where — the fuck — is their money?

No t— one single — penny!

Now? She’s a grandmother with a traumatized girlfriend and kid. Who do not have their boyfriend’s/ dad’s love and financial support.

You and Shaun King retweeted this man’s — murder — over and over and over and over again. I told you to STOP IT! You are traumatizing people! His family has to see that shit. And you — didn’t.

What you did, was collect some “black lives matter” check.

And then put your bum — fake — Black Panther ass on the cover of GQ. Talkin some shit about fashion.

You need your ass?


(I just want Ms. Castille to know, again, that all interracial people are not the same. I did not support their exploitation of your son’s murder. For profit. 🤬 Never did. Never will.)

Tell me this, Shaun King. 😒 why did you interfere with body cameras on police in the state of Massachusetts.

Then? The cops started to be called on me.

For what? Exactly.

Because before you and your friends? I had never been arrested for anything.

I told you. My first arrest was for a — paid — traffic violation that did not make it through the system. The cops could see it. On their computer. Upset. Like, this is protocol. We are very sorry. Go to court….

Me: No! I am not! Fix it!

Them: 😳😳


The second, I refuse to show up in court for. I do not care about a restraining order. Fuck out of here!

If my Somali ex chases any more big booty black crackhead high school dropout hoes. And spreads hiv to any more people?

I will beat him within an inch of his life!

The Shaun King! Life support!

This whore has — been had — hiv. And spread it all over the world. Intentionally.

Jessica care Moore.

WHORE. She bears the major weight and responsibility for two epidemics. One in Atlanta. And one in Cape Flats (I guess you think it’s funny to make fun of my non gmo, non plastic surgery — booty), South Africa.

Never been to the continent of Africa. But? I plan on it!

Get your facts — straight. My father had a hoe moment with a “black arts movement” follower.

My mom’s? “Friend”. 😒 He has never spread hiv to one single human being on the planet.

If, he even has it. I am hiv negative. And celibate. Don’t touch me you fat pig (great music. And dancing. Art. That’s it.)


Arrest me.