Zahira Kelly is getting a shitload of compliments on her tshirts! I just write down her contact info for the fufus! Lol!

Free promotion! Lol!

Rastas! That’s my homie! Lol!

Oh shit! Another one!


He’s an artist! 😍 the top dawg in the bloods, is an artist!

(If I get street harassed? Imma hit you up! It hasn’t happened though. These men are very respectful. Especially the black ones! They be tryna buy me shit. And give me free erb! lol I’m straight! 💜)

#1's !!!!!!!


Surfing white girls! I had to ask her if her big fat booty was REAL! She looked at me like I was crazy!!

And started laughing when I asked her for a little cuz I’m booty challenged.

Yup! All REAL! Anybody looking for a clean healthy lady? Wit a fat booty and natural blonde hair. She like men! All kinds of men! She ain’t got no makeup! And a pretty face!

And she’s single! Lol!



Imma sit on yo face! Watch! Lol!

Pussy pussy pussy pussy!

(Um, these niggaz in Venice beach don’t like no robo pussy!! They are not happy with this trans, get rid of yo dick! Craziness!! They think ya’ll all mentally ill!! Like, Ben Shapiro! Ditto! Lol!)


Bonobos! The committed loyal kind! And only 50% of the time. Cuz I am a HUMAN BEING! And I got other shit to do besides think about sex 24 fuckin hours a day!! 😡Ain’t no primates over here, errbody fuckin errbody!! 😷😷. That’s Jessica Moore who fucked one of those niggaz in Africa. And started spreading that shit (I’m convinced she’s the real cause of HIV in human beings! Bestiality!! Animal abuse!!

Call PETA! Report that hoe!!



Shut up hoe!! You run yo mouth 2 much!!Stop scopin Beyoncé’s man for you get your head bashed in with a baseball bat! Lol!

You and Dream Hampton and ya hoe moment followers have killed Moore niggaz wit ya hoe moment petrie dish of diseases pussies than ALL BLOODS AND CRIPS in the history of both organizations — combined!

And they on that love yo brother shit!

So ya fat assed out!!


And stop bowing down to niggaz like the lil dick suckin whore!! You are. Beyoncé got inspired to put that nigga in check! By me! Because he couldn’t stop messing with ya beached whale “friend” Becky”!!

Ugh!! A common “white” girl/mad black thot/ prison culture is correct! Whore!!

We want freeeeeeedom!

Word up! 😍


Me! Cuz it’s a school day! I just wish teacher’s got paid more cuz all we do is work. We don’t have weekends. We have to make time for ourselves. Teaching is NOT a 9–5 corporate job. At all! 😡

You are far 2 lazy and entitled to EVER be a teacher! You don’t like to work. Sociopaths NEVER work. They steal other people’s shit to live.



You the hoe!! Goin “bye bye” soon Trudy Ann!! (That’s TWO bye’s lol!) ISIS niggaz and gang members have FEEEEEEELINGS! That’s why they so brazy!

And you so stupid you don’t even know it!! Keep up your trash “white” girl shit!! You gonna get a bullet to your head!!

Or beheaded!! Lmmfao!

Listen top dawg man. I’m gonna warn you ONE time.

1) YG and me are going to be together if we choose. You don’t own him. He is an autonomous human being so — tough.

1) I already know you were abused by some child molesting street niggaz. You could not be top dawg if you weren’t, so you need to go to therapy to help you deal with that. Because that’s all ya’ll ISIS/gang niggaz know, is abuse. 😔 And it is your responsibility to be a mentor! Not an abuser!! Anytime you only have men runnin shit? It’s a catastrophe. Cuz men cannot multitask like women.

1) stay the fuck away from crazy!! Not brazy! Sociopathic Trudy Ann!! 😡 She is a “gargantua” HIV infector. Direct quote! Do NOT fly to Jacksonville international! And do NOT buy her a ticket to LA! She is tryna kill black men. Has been. She is a Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore follower. She thinks “art” is more important than HUMAN LIFE! And she thinks all men are trash. She’s also a “vagina interlocker” on the dl. She don’t even like men. And she’s tryna steal ALL your money. This is her, talking to you. Like you are her lil bitch or something. She better go hide under the covers or some shit. As per usual. “Napping” 😒


Bitch!! please! 😒

— Ice Cube (who is a crip. I don’t care. He’s telling the TRUTH!)

That chic needs to appreciate “snacks”! 😡She has no clue what it’s like to be hungry. Don’t bother pistol whoopin her wit that gun. Abusing women is incorrect. Yo mama would whoop yo ass! And you know this! Lol! sociopaths don’t have feelings, you can’t change that fact! And you cannot turn a hoe into a housewife.

Stick w/your white girlfriend wit the flat booty! Lol!

You are gonna be broke when she’s done with you. She’s black on the outside. But on the inside. She’s a Nazi. That bitch needs a job! beyond being a prostitute and stealing other people’s shit. She already tried threatening me with a gun. That’s cuz that hoe!! Is afraid to get her makeup smudged.


1) imma check out your album. I’ll give you an honest critique. If I don’t like it. I’ll tell you. But imma go surfing so you’ll have to wait. Crips and Bloods be chillin wit each other at the beach! I don’t know if you know that? But they do. And it’s great! Ya’ll should start being homies off the beach as well! Red and Blue = 💜!

1) do NOT bother Ivanka. She is not a racist!! And she got enough shit to deal wit! 😡 She already been abused by her crazy ass father. And she gotta do a whole bunch of work that she is not being paid for to make sure this entire country doesn’t go to hell. She does not need your money. She’s a mega millionaire. She got her own business. Plus Jared is super rich. And without her? You can forget about this planet. So you are going to support her, and the equal rights of GOOD women! Globally! 😡

Like this. Her dumb ass father denies visas to super intelligent Muslim girls. Oppressed by the damn evil ass Taliban niggaz!! 😡She gotta start arguing with him over that dumb shit!! Wasting all her precious energy. 😒 to make shit happen!

Thank you! Have a good day! And make sure you learn to swim if you don’t know how. Cuz you a lil chubby. And it’s not healthy to have a lot of fat around your belly especially. Like these Venice beach niggaz! They can swim! They don’t know how to surf though. Only boogie board. They thinking about it. I think they scared! Lol!

Have a good day! No four course meals. Try a snack.


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