I didn’t even realize my homie Michael Vick is a lefty!


Rarity! 10% of the human population! Where my lefties at?

Right here! Brazy! White people eating watermelon! Buy it! REAL! ALL ORIGINAL POETRY!

I don’t need your help with my man. 😒He’s “a hood nigga in love”. Not wit you. With a girl from the hood. Me!

And he is so fine! I can’t wait to…

none of your business. All ya’ll know how to do is have sex. And raise social justice activist money for your fake ass foundations. Online. And write the most boring ass piece of trash academic style essays that I had to struggle to read in school. Like, more drugs! (Caffeine) so I did not throw those books out the damn window. Like my little Joey.

I’m the one that’s sex deprived.

This is you. Complete with hard ROCK music which I really don’t enjoy at all. That is Jessica hoe moment Moore. If it gets 2 loud? Big ass mouth included. I need earplugs. Same way I feel about jazz chaos. I don’t like it. At all. Gotta leave the venue. i only like jazzy rap. Otherwise? I’m not interested. (Sorry! Rock and Jazz on! With the other black white supremacists/bougie hoes!!)

If some man tried to do this shit to me?

I would smack the hell out of him!!

Like, you suck. You have no clue what you’re doing. A damn monkey!! If I teach you how to be a real man. And you leave me for some hoe?? Who has horrible sex like this with — everyone??

Beheaded! I’ve already taught three men. And now their wives/girlfriends gonna kill you hoes!! I taught them — that — well!

*rolls eyes* 😒 exactly, exclusive.

Cuz you haven’t met me yet. Try that bonobo shit. Watch what happens.

Better have

“S”’s. fuck “Z”’s. “Z”’s are “art” only. They have nothing to do with — real — survival.

Private writing time! Totally free! It’s a LOVE thing! No money necessary!

Sorry Hurricane Victims! Black twitter can give you all the money you need! (Watch everybody be broke. We can tweet how ya’ll need money. Erica will pay for it. No Erica will not.)



You. YG. I empathize completely. With how you’ve been treated by hoes. And am well Aware that men express emotion. Differently. Because they can. They are allowed to be dawgs. It’s seen as prowess. Vitality.

“A man will be a man”.

And the behavior is excused.

Women are hoes for doing the same thing men do to women.


YG wasn’t the liar, cheater…but he almost became a thief. Like this is cool! Money off erica! I’ll abuse her as well!!

But something stopped him.

His heart.

Like, nah! That’s the same thing three chics I loved with all my heart did to me.

I’m going to do the correct thing.

A real revolutionary.


🙃🙃 I thought you were off twitter hoe!! More lies!!

I wasn’t sharing “unsolicited” hurricane advice. And I have no more dollars to give. I’m saving for my move out west.

And you seem to think I pay all that much attention to your twitter now, and I don’t. Horribly nasty to me. For years. Thinking shit was funny. It isn’t hoe. It never was. It’s not funny to build your life off other people’s shit.

But if you want to know, genius, I was sharing a list of things you need, not for a Hurricane.

But — a nuclear attack.

Which you would not survive. You’re greatest survival skill? Is attracting men. With makeup. So you can be an uber hoe.

Never share private writing about a healthy eco efficient planet. And humanity. and hip hop. It may get into the wrong hands. And that has to be blamed on the person who stole the writing. Not the writer.

I’m writing now. Cuz I’m

And ya’ll — are not.

No makeup! No lighting! No staging! Just Vaseline. And shea butter. And extra virgin olive oil.

Age 40.

(And all my shit would have stayed private. Had Dream Hampton not created black twitter. And I found out that she intentionally started the spread of HIV in hip hop. In the early 90's.


Sociopath that she is. Because ahi loved me. For taking no shit from any man. Including him. You will treat me with equality and respect. Like every other GOOD WOMAN! Or I will burn your whole house to the ground. I’ve had enough abuse. Abuse hoes. Leave good women alone. And don’t get upset when they lie to you, cheat on you, steal from you. If that’s what you do to the best women.)

Like, who are these hoes??

That was my — natural expression — looking at my computer. At black twitter.


That’s cuz budding hoes listen to a hoe about being a hoe. 😒

And she don’t want them to be you!!


(This chic is mad dumb!!)

2 late!! Ya already infected all these young dudes wit HIV.

My kids! Who go on to infect women! Cuz they don’t know!

Go work in 7/11. Go back to school. And don’t go near my man for you get yo ass whooped. Sitting up there tryna build off my life and fuck with my ex boyfriends.

Skank trash bitches!!

You’re trash hoes!! And no one called you. Not even on the

Paranoid! Cuz of you hoes!! And everybody else!! Leave me and my man and everybody else’s man? Alone!


Hoe. Gargantua HIV spreading HOE!! She has infected thousands of young black men with HIV. Intentionally. Smart hoe. Makeup faced pretty hoe. Uncreative. Boring ass writing.

“Engage my blog!!”

And she suckered me out of money. For “tea”. Cuz she has no job. She’s “disabled”.

She likes vinyl.


Sociopathy is not a disability.


Excellent. Bipolar. And I don’t collect a check.

I get up! Off my ass! Despite massive abuse! And deliver pizza. While I send money to hoes abusing me. Cuz I’m confused. And think they — care. And are struggling.

And they don’t. And they’re not.

Bleached skin spreading HIV hoe!! Wit fake eyebrows.

Same boogie hoe!!


And Z Nami doesn’t have HIV. Her last name? Starts with a Z!


Go fuck the trash men. Like Jessica Moore. Who you all have supported.

A 25 year spread of HIV around the globe.

In an orgie. You hoes feel nobody unless you have a dick down your throat, one in your fat asses, and one in your pussy.

Really! It’s not a story!

You are evolved neanderthals. All you do is copy me!! And you do a horrible job of it!! It’s a fuckin embarrassment. And genocide against humanity!!

Copy how I’m not a hoe, and, NEVER HAVE BEEN A HOE!!

Chasing after men I’ve loved. Billions of men on earth but you chase men who did me dirty. And won’t move an inch cuz they got girlfriends and wives and — KNOW — i’m the best they ever had. Or will ever have.

I got the GOOD power you. And everything else. The complete package.

Shouldn’t have taken me for granted.

Oh, HIV spreading hoes?? Don’t forget to use condoms.

I’m all set:


💯 💯 💯 💯

Yo mamas a bugaboo. A crackhead hoe. Oh well. Nobody told a grown ass woman to do crack. Supply and demand. Take responsibility for your own — actions.

I know this for a fact. Cuz someone rolled an Oolie for me once. Without my permission. Slipped crack in my erb. Best feeling. Will remember it always!

And never touched that shit again!

Super cautious. Ain’t no “gateway” over here.

Ya’ll like crack (which you do Feminista Jones. Crackhead mama), heroin, meth, pill poppin, whatever.

Here it is!


(As long as in Tupac’s words? It ain’t “crack to the kids” I’m all set! Sell ALL THE DRUGS YOU WANT!)

1991! D.C.! Mayor Barry! Stand up!



If I were Colin Kaepernick. I would not take the advice of a hoe who barely got through high school, with no additional education at all.

I’d take the advice of a black college graduate — who is a SUPERSTAR! from the NFL! And who is not broke. But has a very comfortable lifestyle (EDUCATION! No bankruptcy for him!) Michael Vick — from the hood!

The REAL #7!

With his beautiful one wife only. Kijafa! And his beautiful black babies!

Blue! 😍

And healthy lifestyle. Cut that stupid ass Afro. Off! Get rid of that “foundation”. 😒

And go back to the NFL.

Cardi B is a dumb hoe. Who fucks niggaz and spreads HIV, shaking her fake booty.

She’s stupid!! Cuz she wanted to be a hoe!!