When your role models for how you treat your wife/girlfriend are: your dad, and republicans. Cuz they ain’t hoes.

Who really runs those households? 😒 You guessed it.



This is what I mean. I look a hot mess. These lil boys are having a good time riding bikes. I take a picture. One of them comes up to my ride and asks me if I’m tryna get on. I’m super fine. 😒 He is 18 years old. I tell him, I am old enough to be his mom. By a lot.

And he’s got the best line.

I am old enough to buy you dinner. With the tip. He’s in the electrical apprentice program at union something. Making 23 bucks an hour. And he’s only an apprentice.


Ya’ll old black men are really falling off your game.


I don’t mind being my love’s inspiration. I find it completely romantic. And I don’t mind if others in rap are inspired to create as well. I’m a teacher, so generative prompting helps. So do visuals. The deal is you have to use those to tell YOUR OWN story. If you relate to something that you hear or see? Cool! There’s nothing wrong with getting assistance from another human being to create from. There is something wrong with creating a false representation of that person.

My job as a teacher is to help YOU create the best representation of yourself through your words. Not to attempt to be me. lol YOU have to be you. And you have to write from your heart how you experience the world from your perspective.

Prompt: What are your feelings on Hurricane Harvey? Do you think it is a product of global warming? If not, why not? If so, what should be done to address global warming?

Prompt: Is safe sex important to you? Do you practice it or are you celibate? How important is sex for pleasure? How important is sex for love?

Prompt: What does social justice mean to you? Do you contribute to social justice activities? If so, how? If not why not?

Prompt: Are you a productive member of society? Is eating healthy and physical activity important to you? In what ways do you hope to become more productive to yourself and those around you? What is a healthy mind, body, soul?

Get creative with it. Be HEALTHY about it. Whatever inspires you? That’s cool. I’m flattered.

I love ya’ll. 😘

(Thank you Mo Browne. For helping. Kendrick’s music hurts me. Because he’s mad at me. And I didn’t DO anything to him. And he’s so talented. I need to see him get better, for me to get better. When hip hop is sick? I’m sick. When hip hop is healthy? I’m healthy. That’s how much I love our culture. I need to hear about more than sex. 😒 Lil Yachty talking about hide and seek with the pussy. He’s 19. Lol and YG really thought, like a kid in class — maybe the teacher likes him better. Lol! 😮. This little boy thinks he’s marrying me as well. He told me he is. Like watch. When I turn 18 i’m going to marry you. 😒 I assured him that will NEVER happen. And made him go push the girls on the swings. He’s 13. It’s normal to have a crush on your fine ass teacher. The other Ms. Monteiro be gettin maaaad play. We used to joke about it in the teacher’s lounge. Like why don’t men our age treat us this way?

Rap about these old ass male rappers. And their lack of respect for the rights of women? 😮

Talib Kweli diss track!)


(No one’s having sex with me but YG. I love him. And that is really pushing it. Because he is only 27 years old. But if Mariah can do it? So can I. It’s not a habit. And I’m only getting married 1 time. Monogamously. 4 life. No one damaged, hurt, abandoned. Winning! 😍 Lol!)

My man is so beautiful!

He makes ALL the kids happy! 😍

Anyway, 😒. My 66 year old white hip hop auntie told me to dedicate this to Donald Trump on my whatever that is you be doin 😒. Is that poetry?



So I do what she tells me. I respect her. *shrug*



Remember, YOU are the one with the very good brain. Nobody writes to your dad. Cuz he acts like a lil biaaaaaatch!



I know he hasn’t gotten any since he was “elected”


Continue the Taurus NO PUSSY strike!



Tear this painting down! Lmao! Be aggravated! (Aggie in Hip Hop terminology. Feel free to make it difficult and let your dad know he sucks. And you’re very disappointed in the way he treats your mom and sister. And that he is an insecure man. With no game!!

[translation: not as intelligent as you are. At 11. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ☝🏻️])

Good 🍀 getting me to pay taxes for this trash!!

I already pay my taxes in donations. RECEIPTS!




Maga-nanimous! Lol!



(I hope you ready for those divorce papers as soon as Melania “serves her time”. Another woman who needs a REAL man! Lmmfao!)



(You’re a #2. Like the rest of the trash humans on twitter. Race. Irrelevant. You’ll get some big booty hoes who will sell their souls out of that though. Who got 4hunnid on it? Lmmfao!)

Watch how irrelevant you are in my world.


Her father is playing a game with her.

If erica doesn’t get equal pay for her contributions to hip hop? Women in the White House, including my daughter, will not either.

All good! Still got ya girl! 😘 until men learn not to play games with good women? This will continue. I’m not upset about it. I’m just sad that men don’t do better for women who work! At much more than themselves.

I’m sorry he’s doing this to you. He want to see hip hop pay women what we’re worth. He knows I haven’t gotten one red penny. And like you? No legs spread.

We are revolutionary women. 😌 (oh, don’t forget your Shea butter, and extra virgin olive oil after your shower. Cuz this is what ages women. Lol!)

Stay up! 😘




Most hip hop niggaz over 34 years of age? Think women are their slaves. Find yourself a man? 33 and under. Lol!

Because it is. Like the word “hate”, for your own body. Fat? Is bad. For your health. There’s nothing cute about fat.

But you’re not hip hop.

So you don’t know the difference between

Him: yooooooo you phat as shit!


Him: you fat, bitch. You thought I was tryna holla at you? Ya head blown sis. Keep it movin. You a skank bitch!! (Sidebar with his boys about the time they all…laughing and shit…)

(And that’s EXACTLY the way a nigga from the hood tells a fat chic, who has no respect for herself, or anyone else, that he and his crew already fucked? That her life does not matter.

Cuz she — let — that happen. They did NOT rape her. Nor was I raped by a gang of men. Just one man. Who had a knife in his hand. And I had no weapon. So I didn’t say shit. I did what he said. While he held a knife. Raping me. And then I had to see him on campus every other day, like “how you doin shorty?” 😔)

(Yes. You’ve used your body as a tool. Wit that pansexuality lifestyle. Code word? Hoe. And I already know. Crucifying me. While you talk “open sexuality”. Open for what? And whom?

Money. Factuality. If a nigga offer you 400? You ready. If a nigga offer me 4 billion. He’ll get stomped!! Just for suggesting he can buy any parts of my body. I’m done engaging with you Feminista black only pansexuality means I fuck everyone and everything because my body been run through like a lawn mowing machine. We are not in the same solar system. Please find your girl Jessica Moore to support you.that is not my lifestyle. And no man in hip hop has ever “DM’d” me. To offer jack shit for my body. Thank the universe. You make me feel ill. That you call yourself a feminist. But don’t know how to not be a bonobo.

We are different types of feminist/womanists…You fuck using your fat hips and ass as a seductress. I could too. Niggas step to my little booty all day long. But I’m not interested. Love works best for me.

You have a man. Learn to treat him with respect. Like your one and only. Many men have feelings. Peace and harmony. Good luck with a more righteous lifestyle.

“I can’t do nothin for you man” PE.

Going to where my lifestyle is embraced, celebrated and valued. Without any insecurities about my makeupless face, little booty, occasional eczema, swimming, and being bipolar. I just am not interested in how you play with my mind. Undermining love for me. Sociopathically. When I will say your name straight out. Feminista Jones. While you DM another nigga with your man sleeping beside you. Not because he treats you like shit. Either. But cuz you want what the next chic got. Bye. Wash yo ass. And worry bout self. Done with your black only twitter torture. 😌)

Truth. 🤗

I love Rabbi Josh. He’s such a good human being!

🙄 I don’t look like Erykah Badu either. But I used to get called Baduuuuuuu with the Boots, constantly. So, maybe I reminded people of her. We have nothing in common. Not even the cigarettes she smokes. She smokes Newports. I smoke American Spirit organic. And I don’t own a gun. I’m not a big fan of guns.

I do own a bow. With arrows. But I haven’t used it in a long time. I was very good at archery. Great eye.

He is like a mini indigenous american. In Washington. Lol!

That is far more my lifestyle.

Paul Ryan is not a racist. At all.

Not even close. He is a sensible capitalist. He does not like mega exploitative corporations. He was adamant about not bailing Wall Street out. He is not into evil ass Monsanto. He is not into stripping the social safety net. He used it!

He’s a conservative like this: you’re on welfare. You have a job that does not pay you enough to live. It makes ZERO sense to cut off benefits cuz you got a 2 dollar pay raise. Welfare is to get you out of poverty. Not to keep you in it. You need the opportunity to be able to make money to support your lifestyle. He’s also not trying to strip you of healthcare. He doesn’t like monopolies. For good reason. You should have options in healthcare providers. Keep these companies honest. You sheist me? I go do business elsewhere. He doesn’t care what gay/lesbian people do. Leave it to the states to figure out. And the people in those states that they reside in (which I have some issues with. I’m from the first state to legalize gay marriage. And I fully support gay marriage. I think people who are gay/lesbian humans are entitled to the same protective rights that heterosexual couples are. And they do not have them. I think this is evil. Completely.)

The only place I have a HUGE difference with Paul Ryan in? Is on the issue of a woman’s right to choose what she decides to do with her own body. I don’t think that’s any man’s decision.

Why do people keep talking about dead conservative racist white men. When there are living conservative non racist white men. Really. They exist. Being conservative is not the equivalent of being a racist. Example of a person with a more conservative, less liberal lifestyle.

And figures. He’s from the south. Lol!

Left, and super liberal?

I own 36 cars.



More conservative,

I have 12 now. I don’t know why I ever needed 36 cars? 😁

T-Pain didn’t have to do that? But he must have come to the realization that no one — ever — in life NEEDS 36 cars, at the same time.


(That makes me laugh btw. I have never agreed with that lifestyle. It’s the same way I feel about Donald Trump’s gold house. NO ONE needs a gold house. That’s insane!! And Baron is so much healthier since he got out of that hell hole. Thank goodness. He actually acts like an 11 year old kid. With “pimp” shoes to match his khakis. Lol!)


Loyalty. I love Kendrick Lamar! He is an incredibly talented man. And every time I see this pic? I begin crying.

It hurts me sooooooo bad.

And I have his back.

I really struggle so hard with all of this. I feel just like he looks.

SZA? You are with us. If you want to be. It’ll be difficult. Because it means you won’t have Dream Hampton helping to promote you. In fact she’ll start to try and harm you. She is the biggest sociopath of the 21st century. She turned a good man into a demon. Maybe he can get his soul back. Who knows. That’s up to him.

But if you can deal with that? You got Kendrick. And he really needs your support. So he can smile again. 😫

Some people — have feelings. Evolved homo sapien sapiens.

You have to help make hip hop great again.

1luv sis.

“Amiri” King is funny as fuck!


But it was not funny how he played with my life. Or the fact that I almost committed suicide. Every night for years contemplating diving off a bridge I drove to. Or, that he did not give a flying fuck about me until he noticed that someone else did.

Online, at that. And so while I can laugh at his humour?

I don’t ever want to go back to hell again. I just don’t feel the same way, about him. He’s like a complete and total nightmare. Not a Dream at all.

His character. 😞

He had years — literally — to treat me like my life matters. I think he needs his moon side hoe dream. They are far more compatible. Hiding behind twitter pages. Playing games with people’s lives. And feelings.

I’m really not into the he said/ she said black twitter lifestyle. It really makes me feel sick. Mentally — very sick. I don’t like it. Or how black people use twitter. It’s so extremely depressing to think that such intelligent people are so — evil.

I really just want to be left alone with a man who genuinely cares about me. So we can do our own thing privately. And be happy.

YG put his whole life on the line. Openly. Hiding behind nothing at all. He has more integrity than any human being I’ve ever encountered. His support for me is unparalleled. Nothing could tempt him. Nothing at all.

His full face looking like — wow — this is hell!!

I’m not a game, “Amiri”. I am a human being with real feelings. Thank you for making me laugh. I appreciate that.

You should use your twitter power (that you lied and told me you did not use), in service of humanity. And hip hop. I’ll work with you intersectionally on that. And if you ask, directly and personally? I will come visit. If I’m assured my life is not at risk. I do not trust you. Not even a little bit. I really think you and Dream Hampton/mad black thot/prison culture/common white girl. Are a more suitable match.

I’m a visionary. I’m not a hoe. I don’t do cultures of prison. And I have never been, nor will I ever be, a common white girl.

I’m black. Mixed black. And comfortable in the skin I am in. I always have been.

You two are the white supremacists.

I’m the equal rights for everyone, chic.

YG? Is like — me.

He’s a wonderful human being.


Shaun King,

Did you ever stop to think that in a natural disaster of this magnitude. People are not wading through water with alligators, and debris, while the rain continues pouring — for “click bait”. But because they actually CARE about other human beings?

There are a wide diversity of human beings on the ground in Houston, of all colors, genders, sexualities, religions, language groupings, nationalities, abilities. Some citizens some not. Some volunteers some paid responders who are working cooperatively to


What “click bait” are you discussing. You can’t even use electronics in that much water and rain. Unless you have a water proof phone.

Stop trying to save your ass with “click bait”, and worry about other human beings!

Real people! 😡



I don’t think that movement is quite as horrific as the kkk. Yet. But the more black people are murdered? And the more money black lives matter generates? I think, evil. Like you’re working in tandem with the police who are killing people. They kill, you post, there’s some lecture money, or a contract from a corporation. And you can pretend you want murders to end. But if they ended? You wouldn’t get paid. To talk about why our murders are perpetuated by white supremacy. Which is what you are engaging in. By making money off murdered people.

I’m not a family member of a murdered person who watched social media generate money off his/her death. And never saw a dime of it. But I heard Valerie Castile loud and clear. And Erica Garner say a lawyer was going to charge 1,000 buck an hour to represent her family. 😮

And now, you’ve moved to statues and names of places. Where violent protests occur (I believe that was all one big set up. The tikki torches and khakis? Come on. White supremacists don’t carry tikki torches. And wear a uniform of khakis.) and a woman was murdered by a car driving through a crowd.

I think black lives matter is a corporate enterprise, off murder, disguised as a social justice organization.

And I think ya’ll need to quit it. Because it’s getting really serious. I agree with Ben Shapiro. If you don’t want particular statues and or names? I concur. I don’t really care. Because I don’t pay attention to dead white men as much as ya’ll do. But there’s a better way to go about organizing. Diversely. Better yet? Put up your own damn statues. Figure out how you petition to have names changed. It’s better than people losing their lives. Over dead white racist men.)

Don’t fall out but the “white” in me is about to come out. 😒 Michael Vick will understand. Lol!

I been forgiven Michael Vick. He apologized and meant it. Cuz he never did it again. I have A LOT of respect for Michael Vick!

So on behalf of Michael Vick? Please make a donation. Thank you!


Lol! (I’m not “Whitley”. I’m more “Denise” like. Lol And I’m not going to “go off”. I find it amusing that YG has portrayed his love for me. From his name. [y? y you do do that to that teacher, g?] To his admiration of my writing. It’s — flattering. He’s in love with me. And he can’t hide it. 😊)

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