she’s not a harlot though. those niggaz was just mad that she wouldn’t spread her legs. for anything. lmao!

all those books come together in the last days. you see, i am the friend of bilal. not that other dude. lmao!

metaphors are so cool. i’m such a peaceful poet…

i have no religion. i don’t believe in god. i believe in the power of the people. ALL FUCKIN PEOPLE!


and then, i go back to what i’m about…i miss my black cat. his name’s millat. i didn’t realize it at the time? i just thought it sounded beautiful in *white teeth* (it’s written by this mixed genius woman…all about race mixing and loving whoever you want to, technology, and destruction, the problems with religion…it’s a gem!) and i have them beautiful straight white teeth…and the best boobies on the planet. i mean, they are EXCELLENT! not a droop to be found.

and i DARE some bitch ass nigga to try and grab me by the pussy. i will end his life. and it will be self defense. and that will solve the problem. because, i’m really, a very peaceful, kind, loving, giving, woman:

if you don’t listen though? everyone’s coming after you donald trump. like i said, you will never be safe, anywhere, again. and, you’re already paranoid. how does it feel? to have your life thrown back in your face. lmao!!!

YOU don’t even PAY your employees. YOU don’t even pay taxes. so you better stop stirring up racism. i don’t see you handing out jobs to african american youth. so SIT YOUR ASS DOWN! I’M WARNING YOU!! LMAO!

(make sure when you start constructing your affordable housing? black and brown people are equally represented, and paid, in the building process. ivanka can help you. she’s not a racist and she doesn’t hate immigrants. cuz, surprise! guess what her mom is? guess what her husband’s grandparents are? — this nigga’s dumber than a doorknob. lmao!)

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