What do you think, dad? 😒

I am a 44 year old cis gendered woman who has not gotten no — nothing — in longer than I can, imagine. Lol!

(These chics think, I’m not a hoe. Lol. I am.

With MY MAN! Not your man. Not random men. Not one night stand men. Not men who lie cheat and steal. Not hoe moment men.



(She said, slaves. Mind your business vaginal interlockers. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)

(All these lesbians do? Look at other people’s men. To use and abuse them. Then go back to they poly pan lifestyles. Where men are trash. Humping each other. Why don’t ya’ll get together. Like you did — last night in Boston — and support each other. Creatively. Monetarily. Childcare. All that. One big combahee river collective. I grew up with black lesbians. I can spot ya’ll wit my eyes — closed. Lol!)

Lol. 😋

This nigga — KNOWS! FOR! A! FACT! — I am not a lesbian. (I love your e-tonics! I’m Going easy on tonic though. We don’t call it that. In Boston. We call it soda. Lol!)

That nigga made absolutely sure that YG was fully visible. On this track. His name. Like, nah.

He is so intelligent!