bill o’reilly is a damaged man. he thinks all women are hoes!! who lie, cheat and steal.


we aren’t!

actions! lmao!

jessica hoe moment moore. stop tryna pretend you have any politics. at all. your only politics are what’s convenient for you. whatever will make you the most money, you’ll do. politics is not as simple as being a democrat or republican. intelligent people are issue oriented. (you have the brain of a pigeon. so i’m not surprised that you have never focused on an issue, without a label.)

talib kweli tryna get away from your crazy!! ass. leave that nigga alone and call your baby dad.

(none of this has to do with race btw. all character.)

omg! it’s $4.97? that can’t be correct! i’m on it! that tee is sooo0000 something i would rock! it’s hilarious! (imma upgrade. to the download!) lmmfao!

outrageous! lmmfao! bill o’reilly needs some of this

in his life, because that other behavior is uncalled for!! and it has been going on for a really long time! damn bill! chill! lmao!

he is hilarious! “fuckin thing sucks!”

omg! middle school!


Twitter is filled with race baiters, and haters. You have to find the people who aren’t racists (they come in all colors. I’m starting to think that having nominal amounts of power can actually influence you to be a racist. Like the more power you are able to access. The more racist you can become. You have to be a super strong person to not be baited by race. To focus solely on people’s — actions!)

If you think that Megyn Kelly doesn’t know that black and brown women are underrepresented in the mainstream media? You are incorrect. Why you think she resigned from Fox? I think she was looking at a particular person to apply for the job. Didn’t happen. Your loss.

Back to shit that makes me happy! Do you think I give a fuck if you like him, or just think he’s some other evil man in hip hop!!

Ya’ll think all men are evil!!

It’s not true! lmmfao!

I’m practicing! (I will only do it, with him. Alone! PRIVATELY! he can help teach me. I finally get to learn something from a man. I don’t just have to keep teaching these “scholars”. It’s “myopic”. lmao!)

Anyway, I have to be happy. I can’t be worried about Donald Trump doin stupid shit 24/7. He wants to see restorative justice. I mean all these white people been tryna help your asses. Paul Ryan. Sean Hannity. Bill O’Reilly. Megyn Kelly. Mitt Romney. Even Steve Bannon may be tryna help you. I mean, the dude really comes from working class, slave labor job, Irish democrat parents. lol! And you just keep hatin on them. *Shrug* I can’t be bothered with that nonsense. And you can’t tell me who I am allowed to like. And why.

I will say it again. Megyn Kelly did not vote for Donald Trump. And neither did, Ivanka. Melania wouldn’t have voted for his ass either. If he wasn’t standing over her shoulder! lmao!

Yeah, it might not be wise to talk about mixed black people. Who put they money, where they mouth is. Are proud to be black! And apparently, mixed! Creoles?

Ya’ll missed it. So much for the analysis. Hurricane Katrina. Yeah. Dream Hampton knows all about that class, I faciliated. At UMASS. And she told Beyoncé. And Beyoncé was like, I am tired of this hoe!! She probably know I like hot sauce as well! And gay black and trans men! Damn yo! I can’t stand Dream Hampton or her clique!! What a bogus bitch!!

BAT! lmao!

Teamwork! Love it! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Back to people with good vibes. I swear, you watch twitter 2 much? You start to feel like you will never recover from the depths of depression, caused by the morally pure social justice ultimate activists, on twitter.

But off twitter? Whores!!


Um, you can contact them, D. They’re nice kids! Young men! Around your age! They’d be happy to have your support. I’m sure. Since you a regular ass human being! lol! (Like me. I’m a regular ass human being! lol)

If light women are overrepresented in the media? Then maybe the light skinned women talking about their over representation should resign from their jobs? And find darker skinned women to fill them?

Like, make your words — your actions? Lmao!

I’m not overrepresented in my profession. But I will be honest about who’s underrepresented.

Black and Latino and Chicano men.

Latina and Chicana women. Facts!

Massachusetts has some of the hardest standardized tests to pass, for your teaching credentials. I wonder how tough they are in Cali? I’m about to look it up. See if I can take them, online. The internet can be useful. For some things. lol

I’ll ask my girl, Eboni.

Nope. I’m living. I’m sorry that disappoints some of you. I know you wanted a world filled with people who act a certain way on social media. But are not actually who they say they are, off of it. Your mistake. Don’t be fake.

Sociopaths do that.

A bipolar person? Nah. Bipolar people have so many feeeeeeelings?

We feel — everything.

Very sensory. Very empathetic. Very kind human beings.

In reality.

*the chickens are coming home to roost* — Malcolm X

This is true.


are tired,

of hoes!!

Your race? Irrelevant. Your character? Everything.

Learn this very quickly. If you haven’t already.

We do diversity.

You cannot move me.

When she said she don’t fuck with twitter. She meant it. Lmao!

Cut the shit Donald. Listen to your daughter. Like my father listens to me.

Talib? You are not taking hip hop back. You are a middle class spoiled brat who has never had to work for shit. Never even gotten an ass whoopin.

Hip hop is a creation of disenfranchised kids. I’m more interested in them taking hip hop back, again.

You need to take back your tiny penis. And stop putting it in hoes cuz you have zero self control. And take your ass with your “conscious crew” to Newark.

I ain’t purchasing shit Talib — the non scholar — produces. Restorative justice! It ain’t “art”. You passed that point as soon as Dream Hampton decided to “bee erica”. As soon as she decided to start her career in hip hop, which is no longer useful to her, by damaging black and brown men.

And she has never stopped doing it. Neither has your #1 whore. Jessica hoe moment Moore.

Deal with those skank hoes!! That’s your job. You fucked that bitch. You supported her evil. Now grab that hoe!! by the pussy!!, and tell her what she will be doing. She don’t care. She doesn’t know how to care. Hence the name. Care Moore.


No bombs, Donald Trump. I am encouraging hip hop to make sure those 3 whores!! Do what they are supposed to do. With their “fam”. Which you don’t switch up on. If you call someone “fam”, that’s who they are.

Get your skank, sloppy, used up, trash asses to Newark.

We are making restorative justice. Or 7 billion people on this planet are in danger. you don’t fuck with other people’s lives. You don’t cause other people pain. You don’t demand payment from anyone you create off of.

You owe.

Because of three hoes, and some men’s inability to resist keeping their dicks in their pants. And thinking it was cute to cause more abuse. Instead of saying…no. I will not go along with this shit.

If a woman tells you “I hate hip hop” — Dream Hampton. Believe the skank trash hoe!!

Keep your dicks, in your pants. If you have a good woman. Ride with your empress.

Never choose hoes over empresses. You may wind up — very damaged. You treat women the way you want your daughters treated. You treat hoes, like the trash they are.

Not one dime. Not one penny. They will work. For everything. Writing truthful words about their lives. Stealing nothing. From anybody.

If you find you cannot reason with these sociopathic hip hop whores. If you cannot get them to make restorative justice for the trouble they’ve caused — in the name of super capitalism — kill them. I care not.

All guns aimed — at the whores and their supporters.

*the raaaaaage!*

I will speak. With an honorable, respectful — man — he is no child. In hip hop. Because instead of running his mouth about shit. Pimpin actual butterflies, not imposters (they’ve pimped him. Lucky those hoes didn’t get more than songs made about them). I empathize. Completely. I understand. Perfectly.

He just says how he feeeeeeels— straight out.

And my personality is not to run my mouth in public spaces. I’m the chic who sits, quietly, listening. In the back. You don’t even see — that I exist.

And i’m not moving. Not one inch. I’m watching you. And like an anthropologist (trained), I’m recording your story. You involved me in your trash!! So…

I’m not unbiased though. Neither was Zora Neale Hurston. She collected stories from her culture. Because she loved her people.

I’m human.

Pay ya dues.

Chuuuuune! (This song is hilarious. All — lies!! On a mixed black woman. Why would you do that to one of your biggest fans?

Oh, I know. I’m not a harem hoe. I cannot be bought.

I love hip hop.)

Stop lying. There is such a thing as hoes. They will sell out black peoples. If it means, capitalism. It is slavery. All over again. It’s like prison. Where all the slavemasters? Are black folks.

And that’s how I know, race means nothing. Character is everything.

Lol! I forgot. No school tomorrow! (So we having fun Thursday, sweetie. Which we would have had anyway. That’s what happens when you deal with hip hop whores!! They fuck your whole life up. Instead of bringing laughter and love. They just steal your money, steal your sperm, they’ll try and steal your whole — life — and claim they’re original creators. When they are no such thing. Just cheap backseat trash!! Whores!!

Some women take care of our men. Not abandon him. Good women. Men could learn a lesson, from US!

Actually, the kids’ choice? That award went to pizza, and dancing. We did not listen to Mariah Carey. We listened to La India. [so your #2 game on twitter — is over? Mariah? She not a positive role model for little girls.

Now you want to try and LOVE up #1? Nah.

You 2 fake for me. It goes beyond plastic surgery. Believe me. I think you should apologize to Nick Cannon and all the other men you’ve abused and abandoned. And worry about being a 1/2 decent non hoe moment mommy. Get some therapy. And stop abusing men. Thank you. On behalf of a woman who used to listen to you like, Mariah Carey is such a great, mixed black woman role model…😒 what a joke you hoes are. I’m not as gracious as YG is about it. Maybe good love, instead of abuse, will help the healing — I deserve — from hip hop.

And no. I won’t ride for you talib. Not until you take your hoe moment pigeoned brained nasty ass to Newark. And apologize to my ex. Bring the biggest whore in hip hop with you. Jessica hoe moment Moore. And try not to run another train on that skank!!)

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