“why i’m not interesested in listening to anybody, who can’t even discipline a 3 year old”

lol! some of these single mother’s? are nuts!! yes. i am the teacher who will tell your child? to please stop singing at the top of your lungs (you missed that part). we are in the middle of listening to a recording of a spanish text on immigration and you’re busy singing boleros. if you do not stop, and refocus, you will miss recess. (my time. to do more work, on behalf of your children). because when i just stopped the tape, and asked you what you just heard and read? and asked you to answer the question? you looked at me like you did not know what i was talking about. and it is because you are doing what you want to do. and not because you don’t understand the material, but because you are not concentrating. you are not on task.

and when i tell him that if he doesn’t shape up by the end of the week (oscar), and i am calling his mother for her weekly report? you know what he says?

“por favor ms. monteiro! nooooooo!” lmao!

because instead of his mother getting pissed at me? he’s going to get a spanking! (which i don’t necessarily condone. depends on the circumstances. singing all week long in class? instead of on fridays, last period. where students are rewarded for their good behaviour and dancing batchata and doing the dougie? in class. does not deserve a spanking. it deserves a consequence.)

like, “if you fall out one more time on the floor having a temper tantrum because you did not get a donut. embarrassing me in front of all these people? you, little girl — who is three! not grown, not an adult telling me what to do! will not see this iPhone, and will not play one game on it? for the rest of the week! test me!”

(watch how quickly she gets off that floor lmao!)

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