I’m interested in BLACK! I’m not tryna steal ya’lls men. I just want him. I blame my dad for this. I always wanted a “crusty ass…nappy headed… do do in his underwear [least he don’t do this shit !! 😒]


…trash ass negro.”

Like him.


(Bullet only has one “t”. Do not commit suicide. 😡 Or I will exhume you. Bring you to Haiti. You will be my real walking zombie lover. I don’t want to give no dead man my pussy. But it’s better than most of these livin niggaz!)


Ya’ll I’m black. Brown skinned. I have zero light skinned straight haired privileges. I’m also mixed black. I have more privileges than darker skinned black women. With curlier hair. I am fully aware of this.

My nana never let me forget it.

Thank you. I’m not interested in being a “board member”. Bored.

That would be?

Correct! Did you find that info on Wikipedia? I realized that, cuz well, I grew up with a diversity of Puerto Rican’s.

I told ya’ll. I grew up in diversity.

Who are “your” people Jessica Moore?

The niggaz in Puerto Rico you infected with HIV?

I’m also pretty sure that Wikipedia Brown is biracial. With lighter skinned straighter haired privileges. I’m not so sure she has the same situation as a dark skinned black woman in America?

I wonder what she thinks? And why she just doesn’t speak about who she actually is. Mixed black. It’s gotta be pretty painful to be less privileged. And listen to these chics go on and on about blackness.

And have a woman who men desire, and then get all caught up, speak for you.


Young thug. Don’t give a fuck about her.


Or her conference with the international coalition of drug police.

Stay honored. Run ya mouth hoe!!

And get a job. Like everyone else.

false. There are a wide diversity of different types of people in Puerto Rico. Just like on the mainland. They go from black “tu eres de loísa”? To white.


You have serious issues with your identity. I’m sorry you hate your white mother for letting your black father treat her like trash. You treat men like trash. So I guess, you’re more like a patriarchal hoe moment, abusive black man than you’d like to admit.

So glad these kids? If not these young ladies (still hoeing!!) are changing how they moving.

What have you given to Puerto Rico besides “prayers”, whore !!

Look at Cardi B. tryna steal from my kids.

And turn it into some hoe shit.

It’s just a peace sign. And Angelique clownin. She was actually an excellent student. She’s in college. 😒

I mean 3 of my kids. I’m no kid. (Thank you. I was actually very sick when this pic was taken. 1/2 delusional. It was 5 years ago when I got really sick like, oh shit…what is happening? What is Ahi doing? On SoundCloud. The same thing Dream Hampton/mad black thot/prison culture/common white girl…all of them, and her crew have been doing, on twitter. Except the people on SoundCloud just do musical collabs. The people on twitter? Get DM’s and link. To spread HIV to unsuspecting human beings.)

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