“You make us all feel less alone.” Dream Hampton/Prison Culture

Don’t answer…Fuck you!! (Sorry, love. I just stole your words with no credit. They’re appropriate. Thank you. lol!)

“You demonstrate thru your visibility that protest & refusal matter. You show that WE DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS SHIT. U give us breathing room.” — Dream Hampton/Prison Culture



“People’s lives are on the line. If you are on the sidelines directing traffic, I don’t need you. You’re an asshole.” — Dream Hampton/Prison Culture.

People’s lives are on the line cuz of your abuse of marginalized people. Ya fat sloppy hoe!! You’re a megalomaniac. What makes you think people, collectively, working intersectionally. Need you? We don’t. Kill yourself.

Nobody cares what your favorite poem is. If you cared so much about poets? You wouldn’t have infected them, with HIV. I can’t believe what you’ve done. It’s so horrendous, you can never make up for it. Kill yourself.

“Appreciate you so much @soit_goes. Thank you for your work and your vision.” Dream Hampton/Prison Culture.

I don’t appreciate you. I don’t appreciate anything you’ve ever done, to me, or anyone else. You have abused countless people, out of resentment for another man’s love for me. You destroyed our relationship, his mental and physical health. You have followed every footstep I have ever made. Stalking me. And any people I care about and love? You have tried to infiltrate. And harm.

I can’t stand you. I don’t appreciate you. The world would be a much better place. If you were dead. Kill yourself. Just like Hitler. Before ISIS gets you. And beheads you.

“people who do this don’t actually organize people. This is what I’ve learned over the past 25 years.” Dream Hampton/Prison Culture.

I absolutely have organized people. Every nigga in hip hop, save one, is like, she’s correct. Let me get rid of these 6 cars. I don’t need six cars. Let me not fuck with these hoes. I don’t want HIV.

And, love — is the revolution. But since you don’t know how to organize people in — love. All you can do is show disdain for people who don’t do *organized confusion*. Which is you. Organized confusion in Babylon.

“None of us is indispensable & the struggle for more justice needs us to be as whole as we can be. Just a reminder for us all.” — prison culture/Dream Hampton.

You are dispensable. Your life doesn’t matter. At all. Your good deeds in the world, are far outweighed by your evil actions. You are the cause of massive genocide. This is like saying that Hitler should have been set free, because, he painted pictures. And made calls to senators. You’re not even in this country. You were just laughing about what’s happening here. Who would pay attention to you. You have no credibility.

Why would anybody care what you have to say?

Repost. Prison Culture/Dream Hampton.

“Fuck the Fourth”

You mean my Independence Day? Where I take a flight on — United — to LA?

Why would I do that? So I can be a miserable, lonely, hating, fat, beached whale, a refuge of my own volition because everyone hates me for shady shit. So I have to hide my face, behind a little abused girl who I don’t even know, like you. Eating my depression away. And occassionaly snacking on $15 dollar berries off of Jay Z’s money. Which you get — no more of?


If you were so concerned about your kid — Nina — (that’s how crazy this bitch is, she name’s her kid Nina, after the bipolar Nina Simone. While abusing bipolar people. Mainly, niggaz in hip hop.) — Dream Hampton, you would have checked your actions, before you even got pregnant. You’ve been doing shady shit, since Ahi told you to be me. And now, you gotta do more than tweet. Hoe.

Correction. You’ve been doing shady shit to black women since you got clocked over your head, at the roller skating rink. With a skate. For fuckin with another person’s boyfriend. And you still ain’t learned your lesson.

Yes Dream Hampton/Prison Culture/Mad Black Thot. Everything is still grotesquely basic on twitter. Basic hoes. Fighting for their right to be basic hoes. And follow in your HIV spreading footsteps.

I’m the resitance.

“I want Sansa and Daenerys to coexist. I don’t want either of them to die. Cersei’s gotta go tho.” — Deray

I want Jessica Moore and Dream Hampton to make restorative justice. Or, I want them beheaded. — erica

“It’s funny too because other revealing clothing doesn’t bother me; lol ppl can wear what they please; who cares.” Trudi Ann.

Me. I don’t want women to feel as though their worth resides in how much skin they can show. I don’t want men to think that that’s a woman’s worth. And that we all hoes. Like you.

Home trainin.

“Black people never forget THIER training” @Trevornoah

I beg to differ. Some black people ain’t got no home trainin.

Four reasons why relationships do last?

  1. love love love love.

Three reasons why relationships don’t last? (negative thinking again. smh.)

  1. hoes
  2. hoes
  3. hoes

(could be men, or women.)

When a hoes idol is the black Bette Davis. The abusive Miles Davis’ wife.

And both Bette Davis and Miles Davis, are dead. From those hoe moment, drugs in the club, rollin on the floor like a skank whore, lifestyles.

But, the woman who got away from his ass? Looks excellent.

91 when this picture was taken. No silicone.

These are the women who have helped, the most. (like I said, i really do intersectionality. i don’t talk about it, as a theory. i live it. as a lifestyle.)

Oh how I love good human beings!

(unfortunately, the first woman to offer her support? was also the first woman to try to mess with men i’ve loved. and capitalize on my life for her own money and success. while not even acknowleding my existence. since, myspace. so, i’m not sure i would qualify that as black women helping. i just realized this. this week.)

(it’s me. who’s supported her.)

The largest crime against humanity, since slavery? Has been committed by super capitalist black women.

It’s hard to believe. But it’s true. Black women, in America, have done exactly what they complain about White men doing.

I trust, Black Men, and White Women. Far more than I trust Black Women. For obvious reasons.

And, I’m a Black woman.

(Ya’ll can forget about reparations. It will never happen. And the idea that you would even ask for them, off of the slave labor of Black Men and Women. When a whole bunch of ya’ll don’t do shit. But sit on yo fat asses and eat a whole bunch of junk, and spread your legs, and make “art”. Is an insult to my ancestors.

It is exactly what Black women during slavery were fighting against. Working with no pay, wanting healthy food, not wanting to be raped, making art for surivival.

Black people who built this country, off their blood, sweat, tears — for free.

It’s amazing what you have done. It makes me sick — to my stomach. I don’t know how you can even live with yourselves. Black Only Twitter Women.)

I’m glad you feel better today Nessa. :) Yes. He’s blue. lol! I would never lie about something as serious as HIV. He is well aware, I’m no hoe. And he is a man who’s tired of uneducated black women with big booties, and weaves. You should have heard him talking about these chics. Like, great ass. (“They all look the same on all fours” lmao!) Beautiful women.

And all they do is talk shit about men, put their hands out for money they have not earned, cook you some dope food, give you some pussy, and then call the next dude.

Let’s start FJ, with restorative justice. Those women need jobs. At 7/11, if they can’t find them anywhere else. And they are still in this country. Dream Hampton, is going to travel the globe, trying to escape her fate.

And ISIS, is going to get her. And kill her. I urge everyone to allow Dream Hampton, Jessica Moore and their followers to participate in restorative justice. If not? I don’t know what else to tell you. You cannot commit genocide. And then say, “sorry”. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t take back your — actions. You have to act. Not poems. Not paintings. Not films. Not tweets. Real actions.

You need a job. You need to sit down with your victims. Hear them out. You need to explain why you did what you did. And you need to live the entire rest of your life? Making up for it.

People are in intense amounts of pain, because of what a few hoe moment women, have done. They’ve actively encouraged other women to do the same thing.

It is the largest crime against humanity, since slavery. Really.

anybody heard from Dream Hampton? any of her followers? or, did she just abandon you. she does that, you know. when she cannot use you anymore. she abandons you.

ask my ex. when he was doing a 1 year stint in prison. she was already pregnant with the next man’s child. came to the prison. dumped him. cold. callously. and never looked back.

that child, doesn’t have a father either: “i made her by myself lol” — Dream Hampton.

after, infecting him with hiv. please tell me, how you could ever support women who intentionally infect men with hiv?

and please, don’t say “they were abused, sexually assaulted.”

yes. me as well. more than once. and i would never think to infect any man, with hiv.

we have to admit some hard truths, women. there are other women out here. sexually assauting — men. and men rarely report sexual assault.

like this chic:

“When You’re Just Tryna Fuck But He Wants To Be Bae” — Hoe, with HIV.

This is an hiv positive woman. Who is sexually assaulting men. She is saying that she does not care about their feelings. She just wants to fuck. I didn’t write that. She did.

Tell me, where is the self respect? And the respect for other human beings?

(it’s the same thing with Jessica “care” Moore, btw. She has a 10 year old son. Who she constantly works, half to death. He hasn’t seen his father since he was a year old. That father pays child support, alimony, and lives, in NYC. Her son has been to NYC. She’s constantly in NYC. Do you think that man has gotten to see his child, even once since he divorced her. Not because he’s a bad man. But because she refused to stop fuckin other people. And he’s, obviously, monogamous. How do you support someone’s art [most of which is stolen], over someone’s character?)

“gratuitous conflict for conflicts sake. white story arches are for bored ppl w/o problems whos idea of fun is watching *others trauma*” — bad dominicana

yes. this has been so fun, your intentional stalking of me. your capitalizing on my life. mocking me as “the virgin mary” (i’m no virgin. i’m no hoe either), in your art. your calling me “white”. as though that should be an insult.

your lying, about your light skinned privileges. as a — morena. as though all black people have the same opportunities in the most racially stratified country on the planet.

nowhere, in the dominican republic. are you a negra. nowhere. you are only black, with light skinned privileges, in the united states of america.

(oh, but i am the only one. ya’ll allowed Dream Hampton to do that. for some money, some fame, and a name. congratulations. you’re in her prison culture.)

Question for Women: While women are allowed to wear whatever they want to, if your plan was to do business? Like, you really wanted to be taken seriously, as an actress?

Why this?

“Cosby juror distrusted Constand because she wasn’t “dressed properly,” went to his house with a ‘bare midriff.’”

(I am not defending his actions. I’m asking a rhetorical question.)

“When You’re Just Tryna Fuck But He Wants To Be Bae” — Hoe, with HIV.

Talib: That part.

Me: What part?

Talib: Jessica’s the biggest hoe in hip hop.

Me: I know. She’s a sociopath.

Talib: I’m in so much emotional pain.

Me: Ditto.

Talib: Can you help me?

Me: Yes.

Talib: How?

Me: Cut her off. Completely.

Talib: I’m bipolar. I feel, so, guilty.

Me: She doesn’t feel.

Talib: What will happen to her?

Me: 7/11.

Them: Can we have peace brother?

Talib: No justice no peace.

Me: Restorative justice.

Talib: Ho

Me: “Civilize the savages on all fours?”

Talib: Coon

Me: “Belize, 2 moore, 3 weeks ago?”

Talib: Bitch


Talib: “The city turning on you for your lies your career that never started is over. @metasota

Me: All of Minneapolis?

Talib: You’re a nobody.

Me: Ben Shapiro?

Talib: I am the best rapper in the world.

Me: Jay Z?

Talib: Fuck boy. Coon. Ho.

Me: Talib’s career is just about over.

Talib: This bitch is nobody.

Me: *The Anonymous Nobody*

Talib: Oh shit…

Me: Jessica hoe moment Moore?

Talib: I love Jessica.

Me: She’s the devil.

Talib: She’s a prostitute. She gives me pussy.

Me: Pimp her?

Talib: Love.

Me: You love the devil?

Talib: Yes.


Me: Job?

Them: Soap operas.

Me: Education?

Them: Telenovelas.

Me: White people?

Them: Soap Operas

Me: Teachers?

Them: Telenovelas

Me: Delivery?

Them: Soap Operas.

Me: Digging Graves?

Them: Telenovelas.

Them: “Jack’s speech about family would make more sense if he was willing to talk to Billy. I mean he went from sleeping with Gloria to pimping her.” — Mikki Kendall

Them: Pimp her.

Me: Love?

Them: Sex

Me: Love?

Them: Money

Me: Love?

Them: Food.

Me: Fat.

Them: Food.

Me: Beached Whales

Them: Food.

Me: Save the orcas! Save the turtles! Save the hippos!

Them: The environment?

Me: Yes.

Them: Money?

Me: Super capitalists.

Them: Money?

Me: Art.

Them: Money?

Me: Creativity.

Them: Money?


Them: Hate !!/!!!!!/!!!!!!

Me: LOVE!!!!!!!

Them: “I’m thinking Graham is a hospice gigolo which wouldn’t make any sense but this is a soap opera. Nostalgia keeps me watching not logic” — Mikki Kendall

Me: Real love is revolutionary.

Them: I hate men.

Me: I thought you had a job.

Them: Soap operas/telenovelas

Me: HIV?

Them: Nestle’s Tollhouse?

Me: Super Salad.

Them: Fat ass?

Me: Aguacate.

Them: “Nasty Ass Pizza”

Me: Sometimes.

Them: We hate you.

Me: Hoes?

Them: Don’t call us that.

Me: Hoes.

Me: Red Chuck Taylor’s?

Them: YG.

Me: But I like him.

Them: You’re not allowed to have love.

Me: But I’ve been wearing Chuck Taylor’s for years. Since I was a kid.

Them: No Chuck Taylor’s for you.

Me: Only Red?

Them: White and Red.


“So wait, is Jack talking about Nikki the way that Billy was talking about Phyllis? Almost line for line? Oh okay. I see you writers.” — Mikki Kendall

Me: Writer!

Them: Plaigarizer.

Me: Fellowship!

Them: Plaigarizer

Me: Dream Hampton?

Them: We hate you.

Me: Cave Canem! First try!

Them: Stolen poetry.

Me: Jessi James? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_James

Them: We hate you.

Me: Black Girls Rock!

Mikki Kendall Retweeted

TheWrap‏Verified account @TheWrap 38m38 minutes ago


.@msjwilly Is Incredible in First Teaser for ‘The Incredible Jessica James’ (Video) https://goo.gl/3id6bz

“Today makes me want to cry. I might need rice pudding to make it better.” — Mikki Kendall

Me: Pork?

Them: “Trudi Ann is so annoying”.

Me: Mikki Kendall’s a sociopath.

Them: Black women?

Me: Yes.

Me: “Black women.”

Them: “WoC?”

Me: “Black women.”

Them: “ALL women?”

Me: “Black women.”

Them: “Black men?”

Me: “Black women.”

Them: Nestle’s tollhouse cookies?https://www.verybestbaking.com/recipes/184%E2%80%A6 (read the link! lmmfao!)

Me: “Mixed Black Women”

Them: Pork?

Me: Intersectionality.

Them: Stock photography?

Me: Sociopaths!!

Them: HIV?

Me: No thank you.

Them: Black Women.

Me: Nope. We saving black women from sociopaths.

Them: Black Women.


Them: Even ours?

Me: You’re not black.

Them: Black Women.

Me: Skin bleaching?

Them: Black Women.

Me: Makeup?

Them: Black women.

Me: Jobs?

Them: Black women.

Me: 7/11.


Run! There’s pigeon brained hoes everywhere! The cops are after us for nothing! I mean, we’re really an endangered species! Butterflies! Real ones! The moths are attracted to our light! Expose they vampire asses to the sun! Watch them burn!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!

(I think I’m a little paranoid. For no reason. Nope. No reason at all. *side eye*)

Do you see me in the backseat? No. You do not. lmao!

Dedicated to Mariah Carey, Jessica Moore, and any other hoes in that industry:

Talib Kweli? You can have all the pigeons. I know you love Jessica Moore. That’s why your name’s Talib. Because you are dumbest man. In hip hop.

I suggest you really live that other lifestyle you’re debating on.

Pigeon Hat wit the hoes? Or Los Angeles, like the gangstas?


*Look of complete shock on my face.*

Ya’ll be pimpin butterflies. Original creators. Who have they own. No handouts at all. Working, for everything we’ve got. For some hoes. Who don’t do shit. But look pretty.

Or not. lol! (I know, that ya’ll did not stick your dicks in this.)

And sing well. Write pretty sounding poems. And lie, cheat, steal. Stock photography. Nestle’s tollhouse. Makeup. And pictures of they fat asses.

Some of us are butterflies.

Others? Are just the devil. Really.

“The people who work for me — message — do as I say or f*** off. I want to get married on March 1st. James.” — Mariah Carey.

Um, run YG! Run baby!!!!!!!! It’s another mommy dearest.

“I’m a 666itizen of the world dahhhling.”

Get the hell out the back of YG’s car. I’m about to pop yo silicone titties, ya silicone ass. And yo silicone — face!! We don’t do no backseat hoes.


You just a crazy bitch. That’s all. Please link, with Jessica Moore. She’s a rockstar. In a tutu. With a garter belt on. And, she’s not ever getting married. Ever again. To any man. Ever.

These hoes are worse than not being loyal. They crazy.

“The term beheading refers to the act of deliberately decapitating a person, either as a means of murder or execution; it may be accomplished, for example, with an axe, sword, knife, or by other more sophisticated means such as a guillotine. An executioner who carries out executions by beheading is called a headsman.[1]


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