Mamas and babies and fruit! At the salad bar! I haven’t made my own super salad since Ms. Fontes delivered. 2 months ago? Almost. I’m waiting. Every man I’ve loved like, OMG! Lmmfao!

Till the summer and Mr. Special and better yet — deserving!

She is so cuuuuuuute! Lol

Ya’ll be sleeping on covered women. Stop. There’s a lot to be said about a woman who keeps her body covered. From the very beginning.

Many beautiful women with gorgeous booties. And great titties. And minimal if any makeup. Covered.

never mistake a woman, in the club, who’s dressed like she’s ready to have fun.

with a hoe!!

one is a woman who will let you know, um, i don’t think so. i’m here to have fun with my girls! what can you do for me? doesn’t look like anything. *side eye*

the other is a woman who will take you back to the crib, straight out a club!! fuck your brains out, high on coke and some other shit. no protection. and pretend, she ain’t hiv positive. Lookin good 2! I mean phat ass and all that. 😒

i love ivanka trump! lmao! that toy, is a distraction. from walking. all he needs, is you. lol!

looks like we need more women bus drivers, and train conducters.

if she could — only — get her peripheral vision back! slave labor job. 70 hours a week. and four children!

that dumb!! ass!! nigga!! who tried to kill her!! and failed!!

*the raaaaaaage!* (don’t tell me about depression. you all can keep your hoe!! moment!! mouths!! shut!! *devil bitches!!* forever! with my — girls! and whorever they decide to — love! — who loves them! their fuckin choices! fall back!)

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