marginalized women of all colors on twitter, who i have a ton of respect — and love — for!

i would share who you are? but most of you have made it clear that you do not want that. and, some of you are mad at me for no reason at all. so, i will not share who you are. and will, instead, focus on supportive men and women — of all colors — who are not interested in only themselves. but in this country.

and in fighting back — collectively — against donald trump!!

(my mind is getting better. thank you very much: fj, and taj, and ivanka. for recognizing what the hell is going on, and being brave enough to try and do something about it, instead of doing nothing, having hoe moments for your money only, complaining about men constantly, and whining about how depressed you are! we’re all fuckin depressed! lol! go get an anti depressant, or some natural medicine! and fix your damn self! you’re perfectly fine! except some of you? refuse to work! you are entitled, spoiled brats! get a fuckin job! and don’t start complaining about being a writer and not making any money! i’m a writer and I’ve never made not one fuckin penny! not one! get over yourself!)

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