Me. And YG. G. Eazy. And Macklemore.

Using hip hop to — teach.

Undocumented children.

English. And social justice activism.

My kids?



Ms. M! Es tu esposo! Me gusta tan mucho! El es en su lado! (They could only understand some of it. Like the middle finger. And, America. After this? They all wanted an American flag to take home. So even though I’m not a big fan of flags. I bought them all mini American flags. And they paraded around school rapping “BUMP Donald Trump”. Because I told them that the middle finger is not appropriate for school or their age group. And that the word was “BUMP”. Not “fuck”. I wish there had been a cleaner version. But they were feeling so depressed. And afraid. So I had to show them that — Hip Hop — is on their side.)



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